The Chamber of Renewable Energy proposes to the government how to get cheaper energy

The Chamber of Renewable Energy proposes to the government how to get cheaper energy
The Chamber of Renewable Energy proposes to the government how to get cheaper energy

The Chamber of RES prepared and submitted to the ministries a proposal for measures for easier and faster construction of renewable resources.

Key measures for faster and easier construction of renewable energy sources were provided by the Chamber of Renewable Energy to the relevant ministries: MPO, MMR and MoE. Their goal is to simplify permitting processes for the construction of renewable resources and the development of energy communities. They concern the amendment of the Energy Act, the existing and new Construction Act and other laws. The RES Chamber’s proposals correspond with Prime Minister Fiala’s plan to break away from dependence on Russian gas within 5 years at the latest. They also correspond to the principles of the European Commission’s plan presented as part of RePower EU to simplify and accelerate the development of the use of renewable resources.

Among other things, the Chamber of Renewable Energy proposes:

  • legislative anchoring of plants from renewable energy sources (RES) as a public interest, similar to what applies to large energy sources, which will speed up their construction,
  • defining the legal form and functioning of community energy (energy communities and communities for renewable energy sources), which will make it easier for them and so-called active customers to share produced energy and ensure more affordable energy,
  • the obligation of total measurement for all voltage levels, which will open the market to new photovoltaic suppliers and reduce waiting periods,
  • increasing the limit for the obligation to hold a license for electricity production and the need to obtain a building permit (plan permission) to 50 kW, simplified management for RES up to 100 kW and the regime of reserved buildings for RES from 1 MW. Reduced administrative burden and shorter preparation time will speed up project implementation.

Štěpán Chalupa, chairman of the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources, said:

“We need to install and build quickly. We need to replace the Russian gas used in the energy sector and by small consumers with electricity, gas and heat from renewable sources. This will reduce the energy costs of households, companies, associations and municipalities and at the same time reduce the price of energy on the market. Regulated renewables such as biogas, as well as energy sharing and storage of all forms, will help balance the system.”

“We propose rules for sharing energy from renewable sources with the involvement of communities and active customers. What I do not consume myself, my neighbor, friend or colleague consumes. We will also share electricity from photovoltaics or wind power plants, we will help each other from dependence on energy from Russia.”

“By introducing total metering, the state will introduce a significantly wider range of technology suppliers, especially inverters, to the market. It will help reduce the waiting times for photovoltaics.”

“A school, an entrepreneur, a falconry and residents of family houses using photovoltaics, a heat pump, a solar collector or biomass heating should not have complex administration. Because they purchased a new source of energy primarily to cover their own consumption, not for business in the energy sector.”

“Small water, wind, biomass or biogas or geothermal resources should have equal access to the market and should be built faster in the so-called public interest regime. For biomethane production plants, we should go even further and address the connections to the natural gas distribution pipeline as a crisis infrastructure.”

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