Slovakia: A man poured gasoline on a woman while driving, she died

The accident near the Slovak town of Zlaté Moravce was not quite an accident. A man doused his ex-wife with flammable liquid while driving, according to police. She later crashed the vehicle. The mother of three children died on the spot, the alleged perpetrator is battling burns in the hospital. He will have a lot to explain to the police, they saw through his ruse.

Emergency services immediately arrived at the scene of the tragic car accident. Inside the vehicle, they found a dead 41-year-old mother of three and a burned man. “Firefighters responded to a traffic accident with a subsequent fire,” informed Andrea Červočová, spokesperson for the fire department.

“The rescuers could no longer help the woman, the man suffered severe burns,” said Alena Krčová, spokesperson for the rescuers. However, the whole situation turned out to be much more complicated after the criminal investigation. The investigation showed that it was not just an accident. The man allegedly doused his ex-wife with gasoline while driving.

“Due to the serious circumstances found at the scene, the matter is not being investigated as a traffic accident,” explained police spokeswoman Renáta Čuháková. As it seems, the alleged perpetrator had everything planned in advance. According to the newspaper, a letter was also found in which the man apologizes for everything, especially to his three children.

According to the police, the man doused the woman with flammable liquid while driving. She later crashed the vehicle.

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