Stredula: The government should immediately set regulated energy prices

Stredula: The government should immediately set regulated energy prices
Stredula: The government should immediately set regulated energy prices

The high cost and extreme increase in energy prices, the impact of which the government has not yet been able to deal with the people. This was one of the topics of the meeting between candidate for the president of the Czech Republic, Josef Středula, and President Miloš Zeman. They will be solved on a new level.

The government has, and could, intervene in the prices of expensive electricity and gas through the Prices Act. Both actors of the meeting agreed on this. “I suggested to Mr. President that the government should take three steps. Use the Law on Prices and immediately set the maximum and minimum regulated energy price levels. Set up a temporary crisis framework to help industry and employment. To prepare the kuzarbeit tool in a new form, in other words to reactivate the antivirus program,” Středula said.

He does not agree with the speed of the government’s reaction to the price hike, which, according to him, threatens social unrest as a result. “Mr. President and I agreed that it is necessary to perceive the current situation with all seriousness. Focus on securing sufficient energy commodities. And that the tools for resolving energy prices have so far been mainly in the hands of Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s government,” Středula explained the position of the head of state.

However, she has only implemented a small part of them so far. “I suggested to the president whether he should convene a meeting of representatives of the government, parliament, representatives of employees and employers. At work, I call it the “Energy Crisis Round Table”. Mr. President agreed, and he will convene them as soon as possible, i.e. after the municipal and senate elections, to Prague Castle,” announced Středula after the meeting. The new element could thus start the will to solve the energy crisis. “Expensive energy must not divide and destroy Czech society,” added Středula.

He is also the chairman of ČMKOS. “I informed the president about the existential concerns of employees of private companies and enterprises, public services and state administration, who are affected by expensive energy. We also fear that as a result of not addressing the crisis of energy prices and layoffs, populists and extremists could try to exploit the current situation to provoke a social and political crisis,” he said. The concerns and dissatisfaction of employees in the private and state sectors were expressed by trade union organizations at a demonstration meeting in Prague’s Karlín. Unions representing employees in private companies no longer want to wait for energy prices to liquidate companies and employers.

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