Ukraine claimed responsibility for the disputed shelling of Crimea

Ukraine claimed responsibility for the disputed shelling of Crimea
Ukraine claimed responsibility for the disputed shelling of Crimea

Kyiv – Today, the Ukrainian army claimed responsibility for the shelling of the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula, including the Russian Saka airbase. This was stated by the Chief of the Ukrainian General Staff, Valery Zaluzhny, in a report published by the Ukrinform agency. Explosions rocked Crimea in August, Ukrainian authorities have so far remained silent on their involvement.

“We are talking about a series of successful missile strikes on enemy air bases in Crimea, in particular on the Saky air base,” writes Zaluzhny, together with Mykhailo Zabrodsky of the Security Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament, in a report on the strategy of the Ukrainian army for 2023.

In connection with this, Zaluzhnyi and Zabrodskyi write about the need for Western deliveries of ballistic missiles for HIMARS salvo rocket launchers, notes the Russian-language BBC server. Over a dozen of these systems were provided to Kiev by Washington, the weapons have a range of 150 to 300 kilometers. It is not clear from today’s report what weapons hit the Saka Air Base.

According to the report, the shelling of the Crimean peninsula is an example of the approach of the Ukrainian armed forces, which is trying to move the fighting to the territories occupied by Russia. According to Zalužný and Zabrodsky, the war is far away for the Russians. “Thanks to this distance, the citizens of the Russian Federation do not feel so painfully the losses, failures and most importantly – the cost of this war in all its meanings,” the report reads.

An explosion and fire were reported from Russia’s Saka airbase in western annexed Crimea on August 9. Russian authorities said at the time that munitions had exploded in warehouses there, and Kyiv denied attacking the base. More explosions rocked the north of the peninsula in mid-August, this time outside air bases.

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