European Heritage Days attract open monuments, concerts, open-air theater and entertainment in the streets

European Heritage Days attract open monuments, concerts, open-air theater and entertainment in the streets
European Heritage Days attract open monuments, concerts, open-air theater and entertainment in the streets

The opening ceremony of the European Heritage Days traditionally falls on Friday evening and will once again be hosted by the spectacular open-air performance on Horní náměstí. This time the Moravian Theater Olomouc will present a well-known and popular play by Nikolay Vasiljevic Gogol, Inspector. “Even before the start of the performance, which is scheduled for the twentieth hour, you may be the first audience ever to hear the new ringtone of the city of Olomouc. This was composed for us by Olomouc musician and composer Filip Krejčí and recorded by the Moravian Philharmonic in Olomouc. It’s beautiful and I’m really looking forward to being able to use it at our events as a theme that unites everything that is important and typical for Olomouc,” says the Deputy Mayor of Olomouc, Markéta Záleská. Different moments in the music refer to patriotism, Hanák folklore , the cultural and military history of the city and the Olomouc astronomical clock. “The phrasing after three refers not only to the Holy Trinity, the dominant feature of the Upper Square and a UNESCO monument, but in general to the ecclesiastical history of the city and the local archbishopric and the baroque musical semiotics, which often used the number three as a symbol God’s Trinity,” adds the composer of the music, Filip Krejčí.

An integral part of European Heritage Days, Olomouc people are very popular Open monuments. Sixty objects, normally inaccessible, will be opened to the public on Saturday and Sunday, September 10 and 11. Many of them offer guided tours, and in some places an accompanying program.

On Saturday, Horní náměstí will be alive. Nine are ready concerts from 10 a.m. until late in the evening, and children can again look forward to A fairytale world with the Tramtaria Theatre. Actors from “Tramtárka” prepared fairy tales, art workshops, a concert, face painting and many other activities for children from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The people of Olomouc already know very well that cultural events and social gatherings in the center do not only take place on the square. And the popular places have prepared an interesting program for them as part of the European Heritage Days. Visit at Open backyards Uncle Ferro (Riegrova 5), ​​Bar Zahrada (Mlýnská 79) and Olodvorek (Dolní náměstí 34) as well as Ztracená and Ostružnická, where entertainment is part of the new project “Live streets“musicians and buskers will take care.

“Once again this year, together with other entities, we managed to organize a very successful part of the European Heritage Days, Revive the center. The festival full of design, food and fun will be held for the fourth time and during Friday and Saturday on Horní náměstí, it will offer a design market, a gastro zone, farmers’ markets, a green and fashion swap, as well as entertainment for children,” adds another attractive point of the program, the head of the culture department of the Olomouc municipality I like Schubert.

It is also definitely worth mentioning Street Art Festival, which has been held as part of the European Heritage Days for several years. This time we can look forward to new paintings in Koželužská and Šmeralová streets and on the building of the Moravian Theater, where a new one will appear instead of the existing work.

They will definitely find their audience too Olomouc Lafayette festivities on Wenceslas Square, which will present two plays in authentic historical settings on September 10 and 13.

And what else? Linking the dulcimer with the Philharmonic, concerts in the Summer Cinema all week, an exhibition in the Orangery, Olomouc antiquarian markets, the 3rd birthday celebration of the Zlatá velryba children’s bookstore, FlerJarmark, the Summer Reading Room or perhaps remote-controlled toy car races at Flora. European Heritage Days are always packed with an interesting program. All details, as well as other components of the program, can be found at

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