She used to have a mane like a lion. Today, a woman loses her hair in strands due to alopecia

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“The reason was clear at the time: accumulated stress. We put on vitamins and I got injections, where they injected vitamins directly into the affected area to promote hair growth,” Andrea describes her first battle with hair loss, which she won at the time.

However, according to her, it is also important that one must not rejoice prematurely. “The first hair may start to grow after three to four months, but even then it is not won. Unfortunately, this fluff can still leave you. I started to grow a few hairs after about 2.5 months, but they did not last. In short, it’s a long-distance run,” adds Andrea.

Her hair is falling out due to the accumulated stressSource: Courtesy of Andrea Kaštánková

In 2019, she lost her hair on the top of her head right in the middle. She had a bald spot that was visible at first glance. “My only luck is that I have a lot of hair. So I always combed everything and nothing was visible. I organized my thoughts in my head and tried not to stress about anything. It’s quite easy, because when a person is really sick, he realizes what nonsense he was dealing with and what he was stressing about,” thinks Andrea.

It appears without warning

Now she is convinced that she will never completely get rid of her disease, because once it comes, it will stay forever, waiting for the opportunity to strike again.

With alopecia, deposits can appear anywhere – in the hair, but also on the legs. They can be the size of a coin or the size of a palm. It can be several small places or even one big one.

“Once you find the first hint, it’s important to realize it and think about what style a person has been living in for the past six months. Excessive stress, poor sleep, poor diet, but also breast-feeding in women, can also be the cause. You never know when and in what quantity they will strike. If you don’t start doing something about it and don’t change your lifestyle, it’s quite possible that you’ll keep losing your battle,” explains Andrea, who has extensive experience with hair loss.

Now he goes into battle again

Year after year, Andrea is solving her problem again. Every time she touches her hair and every time she washes her head, she fears that she will find another place, that the previous one will be bigger and that she will lose her hair again.

Alopecia can have various causes, the most common being heredity or accumulated stress. “No one in our family suffers from alopecia. I am convinced that it is really caused by stress. Hair is a reflection of our psyche, so it could be said that all you have to do is manage the stress and settle the psychological side and you have won. But it’s not that simple. It’s a long run. I already fought for my hair once and now I’m fighting again,” she says on her Instagram profile @andula_v_behu.

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“For me, alopecia has now returned exactly after 2.5 years, but this time in different places, specifically three. That’s why I come to the clinic once a month for mesotherapy. This is a treatment where vitamins are injected into the affected areas and the surrounding area to restore hair growth. It is actually such fertilization. In some cases, plasma can be administered together with vitamins, but I don’t have this treatment yet,” explains Andrea.

But what helps her the most is to think about her mental state and get her head in order. “I go for a run because it calms me down and clears my head. I also recommend seeing a psychotherapist, there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it’s just enough to talk to someone who listens to you and has nothing to do with you,” advises Andrea in conclusion.

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