The fight to save the Chrudim hospital is just pre-election populism

The fight to save the Chrudim hospital is just pre-election populism
The fight to save the Chrudim hospital is just pre-election populism

Chrudim – The hit of this year’s elections is the rescue of the Chrudim hospital, which overshadows other important topics that municipal politicians have a chance to influence. The Chrudim Hospital as such will of course not be closed in its entirety, as some imagine. Only the care offered sooner or later will take a different direction, in accordance with the surrounding trends, the development of medicine and the aging of the population. The current outcry about saving it is therefore only an attraction for foolish voters who need to be appeased in the form of simple, pleasant solutions such as a petition or the establishment of a city hospital. Who was most visibly involved?

After the deputy mayor, who keeps promising people a cleaner city, where it will be better for everyone to live, work, study and have fun – Petar Lichtenberg (Chrudimáci) and his petition, which, if nothing else, should at least give people a chance to express their opinion, but according to the deputy for health services Michaela Matoušková, it is completely unnecessary, so for example the mayor Fratišek Pilný (ANO 2011) styles himself through his newspaper in the role of a superhero who will fight for the Chrudim hospital “until all the sidewalks in the city fall apart”, if he establishes a city hospital , and an ordinary student alias party chairman Daniel Vodák loyally seconded him in the election campaign.

Erik Jahnický (Stan+TOP09) wants to continue an even closer cooperation with deputy Michaela Matoušková (STAN), so no change, because she is apparently only acting according to a clear plan in advance in the prepared concepts and development documents, which aim to save and centralize .

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Doctor Tomáš Vondráček and Marko Točon (For a Prosperous Chrudim, or ČSSD and independent candidates) also do not bring anything new when they prudently arranged a meeting with the governor (also ČSSD, or 3PK) for a change, which gives the impression of a clear exclusivity, but that’s all that’s left of it only stating that “politically active people are now trying to take advantage of the situation without knowing the facts, see petitions, proclamations, moves on the Pardubice Region as an institution,” and summarizing that the unions have fallen, the management is not being stabilized, it will cost a lot of time and money, and most importantly, that the governor, as they suspected, actually didn’t even know about a lot of things, so he wasn’t to blame for anything.

The pirates hold back a bit and are very careful about choosing the right words, but even they could not leave the current developments in the availability of health care without comment. At least they are not going to put up with the fact that some departments will no longer open.

Of course, it is also a matter of agreement, meeting benefits for doctors and the like, as everyone agrees. But you can fight for the hospital indefinitely, as experience from other cities, such as Orlová, shows. They continue to fiercely fight there even after its complete abolition. It turns out that having a hospital with acute care in every district town, and a statutory town with a new emergency income in addition, has long been a utopia. But it will definitely work for some voters for some time and that will probably be enough for one or two election periods for the time being.

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