She ate healthily, didn’t eat meat, yet she got colon cancer

At first, Lucie suffered from occasional stomach pains for almost a year. The doctor immediately sent her for several examinations, but none of them showed anything. In early 2020, the pain became so intense that a friend had to take her to the emergency room.

“There, the results of the blood and sono showed that there are deposits on the liver and in the intestine. But it took another two months before the diagnosis was established. Especially because at my age this type of cancer is rare and no one expected it,” Lucie points out.

After the diagnosis, she started treatment immediately. She underwent demanding chemotherapy, two surgeries, which left significant scars on her body, and then also biological treatment.

From the beginning, she confided about her illness and what she was going through on social networks. “At first I was afraid of people’s reaction, that they would feel sorry for me, and I also didn’t care about stories related to cancer that didn’t end well,” Lucie says today with a smile.

Fortunately, in most cases, nothing like that happened. In time, she also showed all her scars, which cover a large part of her stomach and which she learned to like.

“I had a much worse rash during the biological treatment, which I had for almost a whole year,” she adds.

Getting enough vitamin D in your diet can prevent colon cancer


Like most girls, Lucie has had self-doubts in the past. “After what I’ve been through, I don’t experience these things as much anymore. There are really more important things in life and how much you weigh or what brand of sweater you have is not one of them. I think that the question of self-acceptance is a theme of the whole life, during life our body changes constantly and one has to learn such an outlook to accept it as things come. adds Lucie, who currently leads men and women on her social networks to self-love and self-acceptance.

Women take hair loss very hard

Even though Lucia’s hair didn’t completely fall out, she admits that losing her hair was very difficult for her mentally. She literally hated bathing because her hair fell out more than usual every time. “The tufts of hair I found in the bathtub afterwards scared me. Not feeling comfortable in your body is really very unpleasant,” Lucie confides.

At the time, she was thinking about a wig herself, but luckily she didn’t need it in the end. So she herself is very well aware of how difficult it is for women when they lose their hair, and how important a wig is for them at that moment.

A wig also helped 13-year-old Markéta in her fight against cancer


“It is very important to feel as healthy and well as possible, so that the disease does not control you mentally,” explains Lucie.

For this reason, she herself supported the Pantene Strong and Beautiful project, which runs in Teta drugstores until September 26, when CZK 2 from each product purchased goes to the production of wigs for sick women and girls at the Donate Hair Foundation.

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