IN – Husband’s lazy mother wants alimony from us, complains Eva (34)

They have a lot to do in order not only to support their own household with two children, but also to have something left over for fun and relaxation. But going for culture and vacations may be over now. Should they support mother-in-law?

She thought she was hard of hearing. Or that her mother-in-law is joking. But she was serious. She just announced to her son that her unemployment benefits will end in a month. And since she could not find a new job, she will be left without sufficient funds. Just with the living wage. That’s why she wants to agree with him how much he could contribute to her living.

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“Somewhere you learned that it was David’s duty. He is an only child and his dad died five years ago. The mother-in-law only has his, so it would be all on him. I have absolutely no idea where he gets his nerve from! She obviously doesn’t want to work. She’s healthy, she just doesn’t like hooking in a factory at the waist. She didn’t even like working behind the cash register. They say she’s too old for that. At fifty-five! If she really wanted to, she would find something in those 11 months. Just trying and not being lazy like a louse,” she criticizes her mother-in-law Eva, who also encourages her husband to boycott the request. But he is on the fence.

“She’s afraid she won’t go to court with it, as she’s threatening to do. Otherwise, she also thinks that she could try harder to earn a living. Now we are looking for where else she could get some kind of contribution from the state. For example, for housing. And we are also looking for a smaller apartment for her. Why should he pay for three plus one?’ Eva is angry. Is the mother-in-law entitled to maintenance?

What do the experts from the law firm Maur Legal think?

The maintenance obligation between parents and children is mutual. In a situation where children are able to support themselves, they are obliged to provide decent nutrition for their parents if necessary. The maintenance obligation applies to all children, even if the amount of maintenance is not the same for everyone – each of the children fulfills their maintenance obligation towards their parents in proportion to the abilities, possibilities and property conditions of the other children.

The term “decent nutrition” refers to security corresponding to decent housing, meals, health care, ensuring social and cultural enjoyment, clothing. However, children are not obliged to provide their parents with nutrition and a standard of living that would be the same as theirs.

In the event that the parents become incapacitated or do not have enough money to support themselves, and the children do not provide them with support, they can claim support through the courts. When deciding on the award of alimony, the court will primarily examine the financial situation of the children and parents and the quality of the relationship between parents and children. Alimony cannot be granted if it would be contrary to good morals – the court does not have to grant the right to alimony to parents who, when they were supposed to take care of the children, neglected them, or even tortured or abused them.

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