The murderous meerkat and the intelligent tentacle: 10 shocking facts about animals that they did not tell you in school!

The animal kingdom is constantly fascinating to us, and we often learn new facts about which we had no idea until recently. On social networks, people share interesting information about animals that they forgot to tell them at school – here are some of them:

1. Chimpanzees and Genocide: Chimpanzees are crazy about one unusual delicacy – they like to kill and eat monkeys. This drastic preference even went so far in some areas that local chimpanzee groups literally exterminated some monkey species during their hunts.

2. Giraffe tongue as a laboratory: Male giraffes have been observed walking up to females and “poking” their bladders with their heads. Giraffe – the female cannot resist this pressure and starts to urinate, the male then tastes her urine to find out whether or not she is currently ovulating and therefore whether or not it is suitable to mate with her.

He forced the elephant to work in difficult conditions. The beast killed him in a gruesome way!

3. Killer Meerkats: Do you also think meerkats are cute animals? They may look funny with their dutiful secret service employee expression, but the fact is that they are the most murderous animals of all – when it comes to killing other individuals of their species, meerkats are in first place.

4. Smart Gripper: Octopuses don’t have a centralized nervous system like we do. They do not have a single brain, their consciousness is spread throughout their body. In practice, this means that if a person loses an arm and this amputated arm touches, for example, a corrosive substance, nothing will happen. But when an octopus loses a tentacle and this detached tentacle comes into contact with a caustic, it will curl up in defense and try to “get around” the painful obstacle.

5. Canine occupational disease: Many of the canine rescuers who helped search for victims in the rubble of the World Trade Center after the attack on September 11, 2001 suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. These dogs have been trained in such a way that it is a matter of time when searching for buried victims and if they are fast enough, i.e. if they do a good enough job, they will find a person alive. But in the case of 9/11, there were so many victims buried in the ruins of skyscrapers that finding a person alive was essentially a miracle. Because of the high numbers of dead people they sniffed out, dog rescuers became convinced that they had not done their job well, that they had failed in searching for trapped people, that the people in question had died because of them.

Famous ferret Freya killed for tourists!

6. Blood Lion Coronation: When there is a change of “sovereign” in a lion pack, it is common for the new alpha male lion to kill all the juvenile cubs of his predecessor.

7. Cat’s Tongue: And we have one more interesting thing from the kingdom of lions: the lion’s tongue is so sharp that if a lion licks you out of love, it can burn your skin and flesh? A lion has sharp hooks on its tongue, similar to a domestic cat – only they are slightly larger…

8. Scream of the Dumb Face: Domestic rabbits are not actually completely mute. They have the ability to make sounds, they can even growl and scream – and rabbit screams are really blood curdling. But they only do it when they feel they are in mortal danger.

9. Eye to eye love: Bonobo chimpanzees are the only land animals known to mate exclusively in positions that allow them to look each other in the face.

10. “Skillful” Dolphin: Male dolphins can also use their natural limbs as a normal limb – to lift and move objects.

Source: Bored Panda

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