Overview of people who do not automatically receive money for children

From September, it is possible to submit applications for education allowance for the old-age pension. Most women who are already retired will receive 500 crowns for each child automatically. But some people have to submit an application to the Czech Social Security Administration. Special forms are used for this.

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A woman is preparing an application for child support. (illustrative photo)

Every man or woman who fulfills the condition of the minimum length of education is entitled to education allowance for the old-age pension. It does not matter if it is a man or a woman, a parent, a foster parent or another person who has adopted or taken care of the child. The decisive factor is who took care of the child the longest, and he will also be entitled to child support.

“It will be required that a person, prior to the date of entitlement to an old-age pension, personally cared for a child of the age of majority for at least ten years, with the proviso that if he/she undertook the upbringing of the child after reaching the eighth year of his age, it is sufficient if he/she cared for at least for a period of five years and did not stop caring for the child before reaching the age of majority.” states the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the educational instructions.

Women who are retired

Women who are already retired will receive child support automatically in most cases. If their children were taken into account when calculating their retirement age, their pension will automatically increase from January 2023.

Example: Mrs. Helena was born in 1958 and gave birth to and raised two children. As a result, her retirement age was reduced to 61 and she retired in 2019. Mrs. Helena’s pension will be increased by 1,000 crowns automatically in January 2023, she does not need to apply for anything.

In all other cases, it is necessary to apply for educational allowance, using the form published by the Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ). Applications opened on September 1, 2022.

Evidence of education

The upbringing will be proven by an affidavit, the child’s birth certificate or another document relating to the relationship with the child (for example, a court decision on custody). “A birth certificate will only be required if this fact cannot be verified by the district social security administration (OSSZ) from the relevant public administration register,” adds the ministry.

All men or all persons for whom raising a child is not obvious at first glance, that is, at least from the state’s point of view, must submit an application for child support. It may happen that the state automatically grants child support to the woman (mother), even though the man (father) is entitled to child support. If a man asks for alimony, it will be granted to him, and at the same time it will be taken away from the woman. If the man does not request, the education remains with the woman.

Example: Mr. Dušan had 2 children with his wife. After a few years, they divorced, one child fell to the ex-wife’s upbringing, one to him. Mr. Dušan took care of the child from the time of the divorce, when the child was 5 years old, until adulthood. She will therefore be entitled to child support for one child, while the ex-wife is entitled to the second child, which she had custody of. Both Dušan and his ex-wife are already retired, so the state will automatically award child support for both children to the ex-wife from January 2023. If Dušan applies for child support and documents everything with a court decision on custody, he and the ex-wife will receive one child support. If he doesn’t ask, both of them will remain foster ex-wives.

The key is that current pensioners and those who will be granted a pension by the end of 2022 must apply for child support using the form by the end of 2024 at the latest. If they do not do so, the right to child support will expire.

Future pensioners who will retire any time after January 1, 2023, must apply for child support at the same time as applying for a pension. “Otherwise, the right to educational allowance will not arise. The request for educational allowance will be part of the pension request,” states the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Parents’ disputes about child support will be resolved by administrative proceedings: Officials will review documents and interview witnesses

People who have to apply

Based on numerous questions, we have prepared an overview of current or future old-age pensioners who must always apply for education allowance. These are the following groups:

  • Men who raised children – If the child was raised mainly by a man, he must always apply for child support and at the same time document the child’s upbringing. As already mentioned, it is necessary to monitor this situation, otherwise child support is automatically awarded to the mothers of the children.
  • Women without counted education – Female pensioners who do not have education included in their pension will not receive education allowance. Specifically, it concerns women who have not documented education. Or women born in 1962 with one child who have already taken early retirement. These women are no longer entitled to a reduction in the retirement age due to education (since the retirement age is gradually increasing).
  • Women or men who are not parents – If a man or woman brought up the child to the greatest extent, even though they are not the child’s parent, they have the right to education. It can be, for example, foster care, adoption of a child in a second marriage, or cases of grandparents who have taken custody of a child. In order to receive educational allowance, it is necessary to document the education, with appropriate documents according to the specific situation.
  • Women and men with a transformed pension and required insurance period – Old-age pensioners whose pension was so-called transformed from a disability pension at the age of 65 are only entitled to education if they also met the condition of the minimum period of pension insurance (today it is 35 years, previously it was less).
  • Women and men with expired old-age pensions – People who received an old-age pension, but lost it because their current disability pension was higher, are also entitled to educational allowance. In such a case, it is necessary to apply, however, the right does not arise until the age of 65, when this disability pension is transformed into an old-age pension.

It is important that the right to educational allowance arises only in the case of an old-age pension, no other types of pensions are eligible. For example, people who receive a disability pension and have brought up children will only receive child support when they are granted an old-age pension. Child care allowance is recognized without distinction for regular and early old-age pension.

Application form and procedure

When applying for tuition fees, you must use a special form. The CSSS published it on its website, specifically as part of the CSSS ePortal service.

If you have an electronic identity (citizen’s identity) or a data box, you can send the application electronically. If not, download the application, fill it out and then hand it in in person at the branch office of your respective county social security administration. There are two types of forms available – for child support for one’s own child and for stepchild support.

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