Elizabeth of Habsburg on her knees: She begged her husband Sigismund II. Augusta to return to her. She received nothing but contempt

Elizabeth of Habsburg was the Archduchess of Austria, after marriage, Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania. Under Sigismund II. Augusta got married in 1543, when she was only seventeen years old.

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Bona Sforza, the insufferable mother-in-law of Elizabeth of Habsburg

Sigismund’s mother, Bona Sforza, resented his marriage to Elizabeth. She wanted to annul it at all costs, because it was created against her will. She reduced contacts between the spouses to a minimum, did not hesitate to start scandals even against Elizabeth, and removed her people from the court so that she would have no one to turn to.

Finally, she ordered her son to end it all. They were still alone, but he went to Lithuania alone. He also did not bother to write letters to Elizabeth and generally behaved as if he were still a single bachelor without any obligations.

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The indifferent King Sigismund II. August

Not even after the accident when the queen seriously injured her leg and it was suspected that she contracted tetanus, she did not receive a letter from her spouse. She decided to take the initiative and, despite the customs of the time, approached him first. She practically begged him with the letter to come back to her as soon as possible.

However, this only irritated Sigismund. He hated weak and dependent women. He always treated them with contempt. As if he was compensating for his subordinate relationship to his mother. Moreover, he was in Lithuania out of reach of both his wife and the Queen Mother. And he wasn’t going to change anything about it.

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Mistress of Sigismund II. Augusta

In the end, Elizabeth got only a curt answer, that he wishes her a speedy recovery. Nevertheless, she still did not lose hope and wrote him another letter urging him not to forget her. However, Zikmund already had another woman in mind at that time. He met the Lithuanian tycoon Barbora Radziwiłłówna. And apparently it was real, true and selfless love. After Elizabeth’s death, they married secretly.

Zikmund’s mother and the Polish nobility also had reservations about this union, they even asked for the annulment of the wedding, but in vain. In 1550, Barbora was crowned Queen of Poland. However, she died of cancer five months later. Other sources say it was syphilis due to sexual promiscuity. But that’s more slander. Like being poisoned by Bona Sforza.

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