The military secret service was investigating the leaking of the names of two of its officers to the public

The military secret service was investigating the leaking of the names of two of its officers to the public
The military secret service was investigating the leaking of the names of two of its officers to the public

Military intelligence investigated the circumstances under which the names of two of its members became public and whether they participated in the recommendation in favor of the now former director of intelligence, Petr Mlejenko. Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan (STAN) stated that he had obtained references for Mlejnek from them. According to the findings of Aktuálně.cz, the aforementioned reporters did not commit anything. Mlejnek eventually resigned from his position.

Military intelligence is the only one of the three Czech secret services that operates both domestically and abroad. It collects, sorts and evaluates information important for ensuring the defense of the Czech Republic. Since last summer, it has also been responsible for ensuring the country’s cyber security, in the event of a cyber attack on critical infrastructure, it would launch a counter-strike.

In August, the names of two of its members became public. They were mentioned by Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan (STAN) when he explained on whose recommendation he decided to appoint Petr Mlejnek as director of the Office for Foreign Relations and Information. In the past, Mlejnek himself worked in Military Intelligence, he also served in the army as a paratrooper.

The inspection dealt with whether the two members of the Military Intelligence were impermissibly involved in the selection of the head of intelligence, thus causing the disclosure themselves. However, according to the findings of Aktuálně.cz, the internal investigation went well for both men. The military secret service found nothing for which they should be affected.

“There was no wrongdoing”

“With regard to the protection of classified information, I cannot go into details. I can only confirm that there was no misconduct on the part of the Department of Defense in the given case,” confirmed to Aktuálně.cz the Minister of Defense Jana Černochová (ODS), whose department Military Intelligence is managed by General Jan Berounem answers.

Military intelligence informed her about the result of the inspection at the end of August. The Secret Service itself limited itself to stating that an investigation had taken place. “Findings of internal control bodies are intended exclusively for the management of Military Intelligence, or for the Minister of Defense. The Minister was informed of the results,” her spokesperson Jan Pejšek told Aktuálně.cz.

Although Minister Rakušan started the inspection with his statement, as a result he helped its outcome. He corrected his original statements. He specified that he was not personally connected with the military intelligence officers and that they did not contact him. “Mr. Mlejnek showed me their reports that they are ready to provide positive references. (…) I never had them on my mobile,” he was quoted as saying by Seznam Zprávy.

The name of the officer that has not yet been heard

The disclosure of one of the two informants was particularly problematic. Until the Austrian mentioned him (Aktuálně.cz will not mention him again for security reasons), his name was not heard publicly until then. However, it is an officer of the service who is important for ensuring its activities at home. The Austrian later apologized for his appointment.

The second mentioned was Libor Jílek, who has been in military diplomacy since last April. He works as a defense attaché at the Czech embassy in Slovakia. Before leaving for the diplomatic service, in which he represents the domestic Ministry of Defense in Bratislava, he served as the first deputy director of Military Intelligence Beroun.

The publication of his name was not so serious, it had already appeared in the media before. The Military News itself reported on him. “The director of Military Intelligence, Jan Beroun, and his first deputy, Libor Jílek, were appointed by President Miloš Zeman to the rank of major general,” the service said in October last year.

The mill was in operation for 55 days

Petr Mlejnek resigned as director of the Office for Foreign Relations and Information on August 31, that morning he sent a letter of resignation to the Austrian Minister of the Interior, under whom intelligence falls. The government of Petr Fiala subsequently dismissed Mlejnek on the same day. He was in office for 55 days.

He left his post after a series of media revelations that he was in contact with one of the main figures in the Dozimetr corruption case, Michal Redl, that his wife co-owned a wiretapping protection company with a former police officer convicted of corruption and leaking information from the police, or that he did not act against the suspicious actions of his former colleagues from the company who were later convicted of corruption.

“Petr Mlejnek had all the prerequisites to carry out the function of director well. He has proven that in the last month and a half with his work. However, I understand his decision, the pressure on him, his family and the service itself was enormous,” commented the Austrian minister on his departure. Jiří Vondráček, deputy for operational and analytical activities, is responsible for managing the service.

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