7 Hills Conference – Christian Today

7 Hills Conference – Christian Today
7 Hills Conference – Christian Today

7 Hills Conference – October 14-15 – Prague

  • How to build God’s kingdom in my work?
  • Can a Christian go into politics?
  • What does the Bible say about what a doctor after God’s heart should look like?

All Christians go to church or choir on Sundays. We hear good preaching, experience forgiveness of sin, and strength to live morally. But what next? Next week we will spend the next 5 days at work. Someone told me that God has an opinion about important things… So he couldn’t tell me something about my work…

The president of Hyatt Hotels says, “If I’ve learned anything in my 27 years in service, it’s that 99% of all employees want to do their job well. What results they actually achieve depends on who they work for.”

Pope John XXIII was said to be a great prankster. Once he was walking along St. Peter and saw the nun sweeping. He watched her for a while and then said to her: “Sister, and you’re doing it for Jesus, aren’t you?”. She answered: “As for Jesus holy father, As for Jesus!”. “I see that”, replies the Pope, “because if you were doing it for money, it would be twice as good!”

We Christians are called to do our work with excellence and reveal God’s name in every area of ​​society. Did you know that God has more than 250 different names and attributes in the Bible? And in every area he wants to reveal the beauty and majesty of his name through us. Which name fascinates you?

The 7 hills represent the 7 most influential areas in society. They determine where society will go. They are: Politics, Business, Media, Education, Culture/Showbiz, Family and Church.

God’s kingdom is a kingdom of justice, joy and peace. (Romans 14:7) And we all long to live in a country where evil is punished and it pays to do good. Where there is no corruption and the country is not shaken by scandals about various cases. Where living and working brings joy and we don’t have to worry about the future. These are the values ​​of God’s kingdom as we find them in the Bible and as God dreamed it in his heart. And that is why he sends his beloved children to bring the reality of God’s kingdom wherever he sends them.

We are all called to work full time for the Lord, but only some in the Church. And just as God called a priest or a pastor to represent the merciful Christ the High Priest on the hill of the Church, so he called a politician to represent the law and justice of the King of kings on the hill of politics. The person who works on the Media hill is supposed to represent the one who has the name of the Word of Life and who is supposed to embody the Gospel – the Good Administration. We often see bad news in the news around us, but people want to hear good news!

If anything you read interested you, he would like to invite you to the 7 Peaks Conference. It is already the third conference in the Czech Republic and will take place on October 14-15 at the Hotel Olšanka in Prague. At last year’s conference, which was in Brno, we focused more on Politics and Business. (Here is the record from the last conference: https://lnk.sk/bsls ) This year we will focus more on the area of ​​Media and Culture/Show Business.

We have invited great guests who represent different areas of the company. In addition to the lectures, you will have the opportunity to chat with them during the workshops and make new friends there who are interested in the same area as you. (e.g. Christian entrepreneurs or teachers meet together).

You can find out more about the conference at www.7vrchu.cz.

You are warmly welcome

Pavol Strežo for the preparatory team

The event is organized by people from various Christian denominations and financially supported by the Credo Foundation.

The article is in Czech

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