Big plans? RFA heads to Serbia and Hungary! Who will claim almost 750,000?


Author: Ondřej Huml

What is RFA up to?PHOTO: RFA

Octagon conquers the German market, RFA is about to attack the Hungarian and Serbian ones. It is in these two countries that Boris Marhanský’s organization will present itself next year, but there is more news. RFA plans to host one gala as an eight-person pyramid with the winner breaking the bank. It will amount to 30 thousand euros, which is almost 750,000 crowns.

It has been known for a long time that RFA is going to expand to Hungary. It was originally supposed to happen this fall, but due to complications with reserving the hall, the entire event is being moved to next year. At Thursday’s press conference, the head of the RFA confirmed this, saying that he will pitch his tent in Serbia as well.

“Our goal is to bring martial arts to as many viewers as possible and that is why we are trying to prepare RFA events in different cities. At the moment we have signed the best Hungarian and Serbian wrestlers with whom we have big plans. We want to be among the biggest organizations and expanding abroad is one of the steps to achieve this,” said Marhanský.

No less interesting news is the planned gala evening, where eight wrestlers will fight in a pyramid for 30,000 euros. It is a return to the roots. The exact opposite of tournaments that aim to impress, however, have nothing to do with combat sports.

“Pillow battles, YouTubers, influencers and actors. This is just a small example of how far this circus can go,” commented Marhanský, who wants to show who the real fighters are with this pyramid.

“Those wrestlers have been working hard for many years at the expense of family, friends and their own health. And we have prepared the RFA pyramid for them. We are going back to the beginning to give combat sports the seriousness and respect it deserves,” added Marhanský.

The date and occupation of the card will still be specified, but one of the fighters has already signed up himself. “Excellent idea! They will finally give us a proper chance to show off. I hope to be a part of it,” laughed Slovakian Tank Sebastián Fapšo.

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