INFLATION: We can’t blame Fial for it

INFLATION: We can’t blame Fial for it
INFLATION: We can’t blame Fial for it

Autumn slowly came and with it brought problems, which we have become somewhat used to in recent years. The growth of sweat infected with Covid-19, the continuing wolf on Ukraine, the energy crisis, high prices, inflation We hear these terms around us all the time, and many people around us automatically blame the current leadership of the Hundred Politicians, Prime Minister Fiala and the representative of the political representatives for them. Going years ago, I would have suffered among n. Going years ago, I was a volitional and lazy YES. Years ago, I believed that I had the responsibility for the well-being of the people. I was just praying, as my peers, colleagues, co-workers and friends were in their animals.

Why was I wrong? Why were many of those who call demonstrations against the current government, who according to them are responsible for all the current problems? Let’s first understand how reality is:

Pins of inflation in the world and in the US
The problems of current inflation are not the problem of this government, or rather this government did not cause them. The course of inflation was expected in 2020, when central banks first flooded the market with fixed pensions in order to save the economy during Covid. These savings packages do not solve these problems, but always just postpone the painful situation somewhere in the future. Here, Alenka supported it by going into unprecedented debt. Instead of specific help to specific people, businesses and entire economic sectors were saved, which would have withered away without this state help. And it would be economically correct. For a time, unemployment would increase, which would help specific people who were looking for work, and in the course of two years the economy would start up again, new businesses would open, new jobs would arise, etc. Instead, the market would be flooded with pensions, which would necessarily be consumer prices.

Sad for a long time
A hundred long years of failure in tax reform, which instead of the year should teach children to understand the compound year, investments, tax and disputes about it, you should not talk about it, because it is a fact. Instead of raising independent people, he gave generations of people waiting for help from a hundred and reaching out for help whenever there is a problem. Instead of teaching children to think about the future and be able to protect themselves against problems as much as possible, without relying on the state.

Ukraine and the Green Deal
The wolf in Ukraine has been going on since 2014, and the previous government (not only ours, but also European governments) did not do much to diversify resources. For years, we thought that the dictator Putin had sense and would not go into the open state, as the secret services would often warn before that. Europe closed itself off from nuclear and other functioning resources in the chain of senselessly set rules and senselessly pushed for the Green Deal, which as an idea is a worthy initiative, but its implementation as a form of subjugation is absolutely perverse, uneconomical and unecological.

Was there really (and will be) an lp?
Unfortunately, today we have the totality of the circumstances of the pandemic and the wolf, with which we can change very little, and you know that. Definitely, this government is not (like everyone else) an ideal government, but I am absolutely convinced that it is the government of the best people at this time. If Andy and Alenka were at the helm, they would do exactly what they wanted, they would give people their pensions, help them, and people would applaud them. Unfortunately, without knowledge of economic reality, while the populist government is only delaying its own problems again, and the two will come together again later. Only this would lead to enormous poverty for many people, lack of food and basic services, etc. And none of us want that, it would cost us all something.

Who knew what you were going to do, you should have been prepared, well, we have had a lot of people for many years, so don’t worry, we will take care of you. But there’s not much of that! Government has been there since the beginning of the most basic social services, and in nothing else should it interfere in people’s lives, for better or for worse. Because the market can make these things more efficient and faster, but I can’t stop throwing sticks under its feet with its clever measures.

The people of God very often do not think in any perspective. Have the feeling that what is happening to you is part of the current situation. Oh, how good it was under Andy, but I don’t see if they have a debt that they have to pay first today. And if they should ever prepare for the mountains and put their pensions aside in case they won’t be there for a while, then again, no. I understand that there are a lot of people in real trouble. And the two blame it primarily on the fact that no one has ever used the thorny environment of those millions of people.

Hooray for capitalism without understanding
In 1989, we had a revolution and plunged into capitalism, but not even 33 years later, the children still know what capitalism is, how to thrive in it. On the contrary, let’s educate people with a socialist mindset that they should be able to take care, they don’t have to, when they go to work and work (in that case it’s better) and the rest is not up to them. And so, 33 years after the revolution, the socialists are still getting votes for us, if not the KS in slightly different guises today.

I’m not at all surprised that people over the age of fifty or fourteen still think that the government is responsible for their current problems. Don’t blame them. The transition from communism to capitalism caught half of them when they started working, and those who didn’t throw themselves into business and didn’t hide from the system, they follow the same style as they were brought up. Go to work and ask to take care of him, when a bad businessman is out. he will provide them with a decent income, when they will pay taxes for the rest of their lives. Often, the prices of goods in stores are dictated by the government, if not by the Prime Minister himself. And they can’t be surprised. Nobody taught them about the environment and the functioning of the economy. And before 1989, it was the party and the government that decided what and how should be produced and what should be produced. These people just live in this reality every day

The sad news is that even in this day and age about the way the world works, raise your children and bikes, especially when I think of the basic bike, he did practically nothing to make the children understand that the world works differently and that you don’t just have to go to work, give birth to the plague and wait, no matter what happens to them, they can take up business, they can do business, they can invest, they can join forces and insure themselves against problems.

I don’t know that this is a general problem, but together with the distance from Prague and the decreasing average distance, this is a visible world shame and shame.

Many may think that I am using myself, that I am trying to use someone to make the world work. But as I wrote in the water, I was no different. I am a village Balk from a small town, never traveled, working for a salary many percent below the average wage in R. So why is my world different, not among my colleagues and friends, who live a similar life? Simply because I became interested.

Know how the economy works
I don’t have any problems at the moment. I don’t have an answer for what to do if you are current in problems and don’t have a day of reserves, assets, and investments that could help you. Yes, you have to rely on help from the government, but accept the fact that it will not and cannot be what you want it to be. But you can only prepare for this time of crisis if you take care.

I don’t have an economic background, but I have studied in recent years. Economies, economic books, videos about the functioning of central banks, about the origin of money, about the functioning of the monetary system. There are many sources, and you can find many economic books available for free on the website of the Liberal Institute. Whoever eats a little of me does not have to spend his life in false beliefs about a functioning world. You can understand the basics and only that will clear your horizons. You will be able to put things in context and you won’t have to rely on sources like someone wrote somewhere on Facebook, so it’s like that, because you don’t know it, but when someone slandered it, you probably know what they’re talking about.

Take it easy, run away. It’s never too late I am 40 years old, and until my forties I went to the same dog days as most of the people around me. However, the last 5 years have completely changed my life, outlook on the world and politics, and it took only one real interest.

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