The capped price is only a salvation for those who made the wrong choice, readers write

The capped price is only a salvation for those who made the wrong choice, readers write
The capped price is only a salvation for those who made the wrong choice, readers write

Zdeněk Majer: The government has approved the capping of electricity at a maximum of CZK 6/kWh. That doesn’t mean that’s the price we’ll pay. We will pay what we have agreed. This measure is a rescue for those who, by their own bad decision, chose a non-serious supplier. Everyone should be able to find information about the approved savings tariff, which is available including calculators to calculate the savings. By the way, it says there will be no charge for renewable resources. Everyone can find it in the bill. Also for forgetful employees: you have been receiving a higher salary for more than 2 years thanks to the abolition of the super gross salary, so you can use it for increased costs. Conclusion: yes, it will get worse, but spreading a bad mood won’t help anyone.

Michael Valousek: A very stupid solution to the situation. In addition to potential outages, such “interference in the market” will not be liked, the euro will go down and Europe is playing with investors’ confidence in the long term. The key lies in the Leipzig stock exchange, the formation of the price of electricity and the limitation of stock market speculation – it is not possible for gas or energy to be 30 times more expensive.

Jan Stach: Of course it’s a lot, but it’s a lot better than market prices in a dysfunctional wobbly market. It’s about stability. The second thing is that they simply couldn’t give too little because people wouldn’t be motivated to save. At the same time, reducing the consumption of electricity and gas are necessary for us to have them in the current situation. It’s a good compromise, people will simply look at the consumption and at the same time the prices are affordable enough, especially if you limit yourself a bit. Now it’s about what others will do, because for this to work, Europe as a whole has to cut prices too. On the other hand, we have decent gas reserves and we are self-sufficient in electricity for some time, so there is hope that the Ukrainians will kick Russia out of Ukraine sooner and the situation will calm down significantly.

David Vítek: Totally wrong for me. Citizens and entrepreneurs do not need to deal with billions in the budget and some proclamations. He needs a plan for the winter and beyond. He needs to put specific costs in it, how much it will cost him. How much does he earn? And figure out if it works out or not. Even if it was expensive, we need to know how much. Then we can figure out what to do with it. This way we don’t know anything, not even how we are doing. Whether my reserves will cover it or not, I have nowhere to calculate. I don’t even know how much I’ll sell for in November. None of the suppliers guarantees me prices or quantities, because they have no idea if it’s worth producing it, or if it’s better to stop.

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Maurice Réman: Price ceiling CZK 6 for electricity. I assume that the price of electricity is doubled, so that there is something to subsidize the price of gas, which you cannot buy anywhere for that money, and gas will have to be significantly subsidized. I’ll be happy to pay extra for gas heating friends to tighten it up as well. We have a house, everything on electricity, consumption 10 MWh, some time ago 40 thousand, last time it was 90 thousand, now about 80 thousand. For the fact that we were threatened with 150 thousand, a great solution.

Ladislav Homola: The Austrians offer a price cap of only 80 percent of last year’s electricity consumption, consumption above this limit must be purchased at the market price without subsidy. The Czech ceiling has no such restrictions. It is true that the Austrian ceiling (roughly 2.50 crowns per kilowatt hour) is significantly lower than the Czech one. So perhaps Fial’s cabinet is counting on the fact that the price of electricity itself will be the motivation to save energy, which, even if it hits the ceiling, will still be approximately twice as high as last year. In my opinion, the Austrian solution is far better.

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