People could buy solar power plants with five times more power

People could buy solar power plants with five times more power
People could buy solar power plants with five times more power

The power limit for smaller solar power plants could be increased from ten to 50 kW, from which their owners must apply for a license to produce electricity and conduct business. IN amendments of the Energy Act, it is proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. They drew attention to it Economic newspaper (HN). The law is now heading for a comment procedure, which will last until September 21.

Households or companies could thus more easily purchase power plants with up to five times more power than now. Owners will also not have to apply for a building permit, which is currently required for power plants with an output of more than 20 kW. “For building modifications for the installation of a renewable energy source with a total installed power of up to 50 kW, which is part of the building, as long as it does not interfere with the supporting structures of the building and does not change the way the building is used, no building permit or notification to the building authority will be required,” states the submission report to the amendment.

The Ministry writes that the reason for submitting the amendment and greater support for the use of renewable energy sources is the current situation on the energy market and the effort to reduce dependence on fuel imports from Russia.

According to HN, experts have long been calling for an increase in the power limit of small power plants, which are purchased by, for example, households and companies. According to estimates by the Solar Association, this year over 9,000 owners of solar power plants will connect to the network, staying below the ten kW limit. “For many of them, the current limit is insufficient and they would like to put more solar panels on their roofs. Especially for apartment buildings, ten kilowatts is completely insufficient, and it is also not enough for sharing energy within the framework of community energy or for households with an electric car,” Jan Krčmář, director of the Solar Association, told HN. According to him, the government’s proposal to increase the limit is good news, but it is not enough to further develop the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Also according to the Community Energy Union, which welcomes the current amendment, other barriers to connecting renewable sources to the grid and introducing total metering need to be removed. According to the union, a fundamental change is missing that would enable the establishment of energy communities and the sharing of locally produced electricity.

The Union also pointed out in a press release that plants up to 50 kW will have to meet the requirements set by the decree, but it is not yet clear what those requirements will be. “Reliefs in the area of ​​building permits should only apply to factories that are ‘part of the construction’. But in practice, this would preclude the owner of a production plant, for example, from renting another’s roof, on which he would install his own solar panels, which would greatly complicate, for example, the development of community energy,” the union pointed out.

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