Lachnit (YES): Order is in the hands of all of us

15/09/2022 10:31 | Press Release

People are different. However, the vast majority of us are united by the desire to live in safety, cleanliness and order. It’s easy at home, in the cottage or in the garden. The appearance of such a space is up to each of us, it illustrates our personality. However, I believe that it should be the same in public places.

Photo: Prague 5
Description: City Councilor Prague 5 JUDr. Petr Lachnit

One of them is Anděl from Smích. It belongs to the central centers of the Czech metropolis, where tens of thousands of people pass by every day. It is therefore natural that such a place can never be “made of alabaster”, but why not contribute to making it as welcoming, human and comfortable as possible. How to contribute to this? It is always a matter of cooperation between the citizen, the district and the municipality. Give people the opportunity to contribute to order. Enough dustbins, trash cans, their regular maintenance. It won’t work without it.

People are different. And they also perceive differently how to live in an organized society. Almost everyone agrees that there should be order in public. Perhaps I would just add that order should prevail not only in public spaces and visibly. But that’s another story. A story of justice.

However, as a fan of Jaroslav Hašek’s work, I take the liberty of paraphrasing a saying from his most famous work: In short, there must be order, you stupid boys!

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