The captured Russian surprised the Ukrainian: They put the sailor in a tank!


When Ukrainian soldiers asked the Russian why he was in Ukraine, he gave an unexpectedly direct answer. “Because I am an ox,” he said. He then talked about the fact that he is not actually a tanker, but a sailor. “I was transferred to a tank and only had a week’s training for it,” he admitted. “You can be glad to be alive” the Ukrainians told him.

The Ukrainians also experienced an equally strange conversation with another of the many detained tankers. Bizarre talk is circulating on “Our tank didn’t fire,” one of the Russian prisoners allegedly said during the interrogation. The wounded soldier surprised everyone around. “Why are you using tanks that don’t shoot?” the man behind the camera asked him. “That was the order,” he replied dejectedly. The bizarre confession did not leave the man behind the camera alone. “He’s not shooting? Why doesn’t he shoot? How is it possible?” he asked.

The Russian then talked about other amazing details. Not only were their tanks broken, they were beyond repair. They say they are not mechanics and they themselves did not have the knowledge or experience for such actions. What’s more, when some of the tanks in their position were capable of firing, they were not mobile for a change. “They couldn’t drive, they were leaking oil,” confided the man in the video about the specific machines he encountered at the front.

Problems with technology seem to only underline the state of the Russian army. It has not been doing well in Ukraine recently and is retreating. The Ukrainian army has recaptured thousands of square kilometers of its territory, until now under the control of Russian troops, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said.

Also from the Luhansk region, which lies south of Kharkiv, news of the Russian retreat comes from its governor, Serhiy Hajday. According to Hajdaj, the Russians have almost withdrawn from the town of Kreminna, which had almost 19,000 inhabitants before the war and is located about 25 kilometers north of Lysyčansk and Severodonetsk.


This is the basement of the military commissariat in recently liberated Kupjansk. The Russians imprisoned Ukrainian patriots here and tortured them for weeks in an attempt to extract information from them. All of Central Eastern Europe remembers these cellars from 1944-1956.


Kharkiv Oblast Governor Oleh Synehubov said that 99 percent of the bodies exhumed today showed signs of violent death.

“All indications are that these persons were tortured and executed,” Synehubov wrote on a telegram. According to him, there are also children among the buried. He specified that 200 law enforcement officers and experts are working at the site.


Rising energy prices due to fears of gas shortages are having a negative impact on the living standards of European consumers and have forced some European businesses to cut or stop production. “If you have an urgent need, if it is so difficult for you, then just lift the sanctions on Nord Stream 2, which is 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Just push a button and everything is set in motion.” Putin said today.

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Ukrainians interrogated a Russian prisoner.

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