a smart watch for the price of a fitness bracelet

  • The product saw the light of day already in August of this year
  • This is an accessory for the undemanding with a limited budget, which corresponds to the processing
  • In the Czech Republic, it will enter the market at Christmas for 1,699 CZK including VAT

We know Realme as a smartphone manufacturer with an attractive price-quality ratio. Apart from that, he runs off to the accessories from time to time. They will present headphones, tablets and smart watches. A representative of the latter category with the simple name Realme Watch 3 came to our editorial office. What interesting things can they do and can we recommend them, or to whom?

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Package contents

Watch 3 arrives in a white box described with all possible superlatives and with its own likeness. The joke is that they actually have black color around the display and below, even though it says “Light Grey” right below the picture. It only fits the side bezels and strap. It is the only variant available on the European market. You will have to go abroad for the all-black one shown on the box.

realme watch 3 review pic06
The packaging is simple and a bit confusing

Apart from the watch and strap, there is not much else to discover in the package – you will find papers and a short half-meter charging cable with USB-A on one end and a dock with two pins on the other.

Cheap in body and soul

The product hardly hides the fact that it is not a premium affair. You can’t deny the inspiration from Apple, but the square display remains the only thing that has in common with the American hit. Unfortunately, the processing is at the “mainly don’t spend” level, so the body is made of shiny plastic, the pumpkin for a change is matte, the strap is made of worse silicone, and the buckle – guess three times – is again made of plastic. There is only one control element around the perimeter, namely the multifunction button.

Apart from hand sweating under the low-quality strap, however, I did not notice any ergonomic flaws while wearing it. On the contrary, thanks to its low weight of around 40 grams including the strap (!) you sometimes even forget that you have something on your hand. The pliable silicone strap does not interfere even when typing on the keyboard for a long time. If it still doesn’t fit you, you can exchange it for any one with a 22mm pitch.

The ergonomics are almost nothing to complain about. However, you have to come to terms with the fact that you are wearing a piece of plastic on your hand, not a higher quality metal or perhaps ceramic. Despite the poor selection of production materials, the watch guarantees IP68 resistance, i.e. protection against dust and water up to a depth of 1.5 meters. However, the manufacturer does not recommend swimming with them, and does not even offer any monitoring modes for water sports.

Touch LCD and own system

The touch screen, covered by a slightly rounded cover glass, has a diagonal of 1.8″. It is an LCD with a brightness of 500 nits and a resolution of 240 x 286 pixels, which means a fineness of 207 ppi. The display is large enough for my taste and easy to control with a finger.

realme watch 3 review pic05
The screen is large enough, but difficult to read

Its biggest problem lies in poorer readability in direct sunlight and low resolution – you can see the raster in almost all circumstances. I would definitely be willing to pay extra in that regard. You can light up the screen by touching it, pressing a button, or raising your wrist (this method works pretty well). Unfortunately, the Always-On mode is missing, which is not surprising given the absence of OLED.

Inside the watch is a proprietary system, the name of which is perhaps impossible to find. It remotely resembles the system on old push-button phones, and even if it works reliably at its core, it takes a while to get used to it. It is completely translated into Czech, but sometimes the translations are so lame that it would be better to leave them in English, such as “Ovládání Fotoaparat” or “Zdraví Ženy”. No other applications can be downloaded to it and you have to count on what the manufacturer has prepared for you.

Controls and common functions

Elementary control takes place with a finger on the display. The main screen consists of a clock face with time and more or less selectable widgets. From the top, you pull down the control center with quick switches (for example, do not disturb mode or flashlight), on the other hand, from the bottom you pull out the roller blind with incoming notifications.

You scroll sideways between individual tabs with applications that can also be adjusted in the settings. Nothing new for wearables fans. The side button is then used to open the menu, or as a step back anywhere else in the system.

When it comes to useful features, reminders, the awkwardly named remote camera trigger that I already mentioned, or the music player from your phone deserve a mention. Of course, there is also an alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, and weather forecast. With the Realme Watch 3, you can make phone calls using a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. They have their own speaker and microphone, the conversation with them is problem-free for both parties. Compared to the competition, however, NFC for contactless payments, GPS and autonomous Wi-Fi connectivity are missing.

realme watch 3 review pic11
With Realme Watch 3 you can make phone calls, you can dial directly from the dial

Working with notifications

At the beginning of the subsection, it must be taken into account that the best processed notification is an incoming call. The watch allows you to accept, reject or at least mute a phone call. Virtually no other notifications can display the device so carefully and practically. You must first tap on the incoming notification to view it in its entirety. In addition, Realme boasts that the watch can display emoticons for less than 2 thousand crowns. Of course, yes, but only about 10 selected ones, where, for example, hearts do not belong.

Fitness function

In the title, I state that the Realme Watch 3 is something like a watch for the price of a bracelet. At the same time, it can easily be taken as a bracelet in the shape of a watch. Either way, sports and fitness equipment is, at least on paper, top notch. The device on the wrist can measure heart rate (continuously throughout the day), blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), stress and sleep quality as well as count calories burned, steps and kilometers walked or monitor the menstrual cycle of users.

realme watch 3 review pic13
This is what the overview of daily activities looks like

Compared to several levels of more expensive competition, the measured values ​​are quite similar, perhaps only in blood oxygenation the difference was surprisingly striking (94% vs. 98%). There is also an optional reminder of the drinking regime and stretching. However, there is no temperature or ECG measurement, which is again found in more expensive competitors.

An important part is the individual sports modes, of which Realme offers 110. These include running, walking, cycling, team sports, dances and obscure activities such as car races or dragon boat races. At the same time, I do not understand at all why fitness activities such as strengthening the center of the body are divided into individual exercises, such as sit-ups, push-ups, push-ups, and the like. With all due respect, with such a style, it may have 300 sports modes, but it has no benefit for the wearer.

realme watch 3 review pic10
And this is how they measure heart rate

For each mode, the watch measures duration, calories burned, average, maximum and minimum heart rate as well as the effect of aerobic exercise (i.e. exercise performed at medium intensity for a longer time with an increased heart rate). It’s just a shame that they won’t explain the meaning to you.

Realme Link companion app

The Chinese company uses its Realme Link application to connect with the smartphone. If you already own some accessories from the same manufacturer, you will not be unfamiliar with this name. It offers a nice overview of your sports achievements and sleep monitoring, and you can set everything from your favorite contacts to the graphics of the dials.

realme Link
‎realme Link


Durability is often perceived as a certainty in similarly oriented watches. The manufacturer promises “up to 7 days on a single charge” on its official website. Well, I can easily confirm the same value. I usually got to the level of 5 to 7 days, with this period consisting of at least an hour of exercise every day, permanent notifications, a few phone calls, and sleep monitoring every night.

The 340 mAh battery is recharged with the included black cable with a 2-pin dock. It charges from 10 to 100% in about two hours, while the maximum charging power is unknown. It’s a shame that the universal Qi charging standard for wireless pads is missing.

Realme Watch 3 hardware parameters


Dimensions: 45 x 37 x 11.5 mm,
mass: 40 g,
increased resistance: IP68

System, processor and memory

Operating system: custom system,
chipset: not detected
FRAME: not detected
internal memory: not detected

Display, connectivity and battery

1.8″, IPS LCD,
distinction: 240 × 286 px,
NFC: ,
Bluetooth: 5.3,
WiFi: No,
GPS: ,
Battery: 340 mAh,
wireless charging:

Final assessment

The Realme Watch 3 with a price of CZK 1,699 including VAT and availability before Christmas is another ultra-cheap smartwatch. What to say to them? This is no technological marvel. Rather, I would describe them as devices for beginners who are not yet comfortable with similar products with a price tag of 5 thousand crowns and more. However, the main problem is the competition, especially Xiaomi with its “immortal” series of Mi Band bracelets. Compared to Realme, the 6th and 7th generations offer better water resistance, of course, longer endurance and also the possibility of NFC payments. At the same time, it costs a hair less.

Realme Watch 3

realme watch 3 catalog

Design and processing


Comfort of wearing


Companion app



  • good staying power
  • the ability to make phone calls from a cell phone
  • sophisticated companion application
  • plenty of sports modes
  • accurate measurement of fitness activities
  • seamless ergonomics
  • acceptable price


  • rough display
  • worse processing
  • limited work with notifications
  • plank translations of the system
  • insufficient water resistance
  • absence of GPS


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