Tame the authority in your own breath. wheels not only for the European Union

Both the European Union and NATO have a smoldering problem in their own breath: one is called Viktor Orbán (left), the other is Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
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The wolf showed the fallen world to Ukraine, where he was led by the dictators. If he does not want to repeat the mistakes, he should also press on the authority in his own ad. Otherwise, expect him to go soon, not now.

ELast weekend, the European Union decided to solve one of the biggest internal problems of all. She came against Hungary, its prime minister Viktor Orbán is fraternizing with Russia and the Soviet Union is liquidating the first state. Last Sunday, the European Commission in Budapest announced that if corruption is not eliminated within two months, it will withdraw 7.5 billion euros (a total of 180 billion crowns) of foreign funds. The people of Brussels unknowingly showed the whole West that there should only be vigorous action.

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