The surprising accusation of the F1 legend: Alonso bribed the mechanics during the fights with Hamilton

Their rivalry made a great impression on the attractiveness of the 2007 season. However, the fights between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were not always in the spirit of »fair play«, which has now been confirmed by the former McLaren mechanic, whose stable both drivers represented at the time. According to Marc Priestley, the legendary Spaniard slipped into intrigues, which the management later revealed!

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton’s relationship has been complicated from the start. Everything escalated at the race in Hungary, where the Briton refused to keep the agreement and let his teammate in front of him. However, the Spaniard soon made him feel that he was definitely not going to let it get to his head and deliberately delayed Hamilton in the pits, thereby denying him the chance to beat him in the fight for pole position.

Perhaps it was Lewis’s intransigence that led to the fact that Fernando Alonso wanted to humble his son at all costs. And he was not afraid to use the trick of bribery for this.

The McLaren mechanic talked about the situation in the garage at the time in the PitStop podcast. “There was a moment in 2007 when Fernando turned up at a race and when I arrived Fernando’s manager or trainer was handing out little brown envelopes stuffed with money to everyone who wasn’t working on Lewis’ car,” described Priestley.

“I remember opening the envelope and there was like €1,500 or something. It was risky. First I get an unmarked brown envelope and I’m like, ‘Thank you very much, what’s this?’ and the coach wanders off and you’re left with this thing in your hand, and you open it up and it’s literally full of money.” he recalled Alonso’s »motivational tactics«.

“All of a sudden it started to spread around the team and the only people who didn’t get it were Lewis’ part of the team,” said Priestley. It is therefore not surprising that information about Alonso’s intrigues soon reached the management. “On the one hand, it was a clever tactic, but in the end the team obviously found out and forced us to donate the entire amount to charity, which was fine,” concluded the mechanic.

Many years have passed since this situation, but even now the pilots do not have complete love for each other. During this year’s race at Spa, there was a head-to-head collision, after which Alonso relieved himself on the team radio: “He’s an idiot. He closed the door from the outside. We had a great start, but he can only drive and start from first place.” he railed at Hamilton.

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