This year’s Werner von Siemens Prize is accepting applications

Until November 30, 2022, applicants can apply for the Werner von Siemens Prize competition, which is intended for students and young scientists in technical, natural science and medical fields. The twenty-fifth year will distribute one million crowns in eight categories, in the best diploma and dissertation category, together with the students, the supervisors or their supervisors will also receive an award and a financial reward.

“For the support of science and education to be meaningful, it must be systematic and long-term. I believe that by holding the Werner von Siemens Prize competition for a quarter of a century, we have been proving how important we consider technical and natural science education and pedagogical work to be.” stated to start the competition Eduard Palíšek, CEO of the Siemens Group in the Czech Republic. Candidates can apply via the website up to until November 30, 2022.

The competition will be divided into eight categories: The most significant result of basic research (individual or research team), Best teaching staff, Best diploma thesis (first three places + supervisor thesis), Best dissertation (first three places + supervisor), Award for overcoming obstacles to study (the student is nominated from ranks of academic workers within the given university from bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies), Special award for the excellent quality of female scientific work, Best graduate thesis (diploma/dissertation) dealing with topics of the Industry 4.0 concept and Best graduate thesis (diploma/dissertation) dealing with smart infrastructure and energy.

In the last year of the competition, representatives won the most awards Czech Technical University in Prague (6 awards), Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (5 awards) a University of Technology in Brno (3 awards). The University of Mining and Technology – Technical University of Ostrava received two awards. In the category Best graduate (diploma/dissertation) work related to Industry 4.0 topics. won the prize Stefan Grushko from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for a dissertation Manipulator movement planning in a dynamic environment using information from the RGB-D sensor. He was evaluated as the best pedagogical worker for the year 2021 Petr Kovar from the FEI Department of Applied Mathematics. The jury praised his long-term efforts to arouse students’ enthusiasm for mathematics and complex mathematical questions.

The general public can also participate in nominations – candidates and their work can be nominated via the website. If the proposed candidate wins, the nominator will receive a premium of 10,000 CZK.

The Werner von Siemens Award is organized by the Czech Siemens together with important representatives of universities and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, who are also the guarantors of the individual categories and participate in the evaluation of theses.

Source: Vysoká škola baňská – Technical University Ostrava

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