Jaswant Singh Chail (19): Apologized to the royal family

Saurav Dutt, author of a book about the 1919 Amritsar massacre in which British-led troops shot and killed 379 unarmed Indians, said that Jaswant Chail himself had contacted him. The young man is said to have asked for an apology from the royal family!

“The words of apology should be spoken directly from the royal family’s own mouth,” should have stated in the sent email. “Prince Philip is particularly to blame,” he should have added that his order was said to have led to a terrible massacre. And since the young Indian did not receive an apology, he took a crossbow in his hand and aimed it at the residence of Queen Elizabeth. Fortunately, the police managed to arrest him there.

The perpetrator himself is currently under the care of doctors. According to the report, he is mentally unsound. A man from the neighborhood where the young man lived with his father also described his strange personality. “His dad mentioned how hard it was to get his son involved in something positive or to motivate him to do something,” the neighbor should have told. The father of the young offender should have further stated that his son spent most of his time on social networks. “That made his introversion even worse,” he said.

Following the attempted takedown of the crossbow queen, Home Secretary Priti Patel ordered a review of crossbow laws. According to The Sun, these tools should be subject to the same rules as firearms.

“At the request of the Minister of the Interior, we are considering options to tighten crossbow controls,” said a spokeswoman for the ministry. According to her, the authorities have been debating possible regulation for a long time, the incident in Windsor will be “another lesson” for them, according to the Independent server.

Security incidents at British royal residences are not frequent. The most serious of the reign of the current queen happened in 1982, when an intruder climbed the wall of Buckingham Palace and reached the room where Elizabeth II was lying. in bed. In 2016, a man who had previously been convicted of murder pleaded guilty to trespassing into the security zone around Buckingham Palace and asking if the Queen was home.

Horrible discovery on the embankment by the river: A hunter found a corpse (†31) with tight bands around his neck!
Attempted assassination of the British Queen: A troubled young man (19) was obsessed with the royal family!

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