Voters today decide on the composition of municipal councils and a third of the Senate | News

Voters today decide on the composition of municipal councils and a third of the Senate | News
Voters today decide on the composition of municipal councils and a third of the Senate | News

Voters in the Czech Republic will start deciding on the new composition of municipal councils today from two o’clock in the afternoon, and in a third of the country they will also influence the composition of the upper chamber of the parliament with their votes. The results of the first round of the senate elections could be known by Saturday evening, the complete results of the municipal elections probably on Sunday morning.

In both types of elections, voters this year have a smaller number of candidates to choose from than in previous elections. 178 candidates are vying for 27 divided seats in the upper chamber, which is a decrease of 55 candidates. There are six to seven of them for one elected seat. 195,214 applicants would like to be municipal representatives, 21,000 less than four years ago. There are roughly three applicants for one seat at the town hall.

KDU-ČSL defends the most seats in both types of elections. Regardless of the result of the senate elections, it is certain that the current government coalition will retain a majority in the upper chamber, although it defends a total of 18 seats out of the 27 currently elected.

People will be able to vote today from 14:00 to 22:00 and on Saturday from 08:00 to 14:00. They must take an identity card to the polling station, either an ID card or a passport. Second round withthe general elections will then take place a week later, i.e. on Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1

In municipal elections, on the ballot, where the candidates of all groups are together, they can form their council by crossing their names, but primarily by doing so they vote for their parties. They can also mark a favored party with a cross, or combine it with candidates from other groups. However, the number of crosses must not be higher than the number of elected council members. Otherwise, the vote would be invalid.

If the voter crosses fewer candidates, the validity of the vote will not suffer. However, the ticket would be invalid if none of the candidates were crossed. People can prepare their ballots at home, put them in a gray ballot envelope behind the curtain in the polling station, and then drop them into the ballot box in front of the electoral commission.

In senate elections, people choose a ticket with the name of their preferred candidate, which they place in a yellow senate ballot envelope and then in a ballot box. They do not modify this ticket in any way. People must not change the ballot envelopes they receive from the electoral commission in order to ensure the validity of their votes.

Municipal elections are traditionally a test of people’s satisfaction with the up-to-date functioning of town halls, where local groups of non-party candidates usually run in villages and smaller towns. According to experts, the current situation marked by inflation and rising energy prices due to Russia’s anti-Ukrainian aggression and its economic war against the West will probably be reflected in the results in larger cities and in the senate elections, where parliamentary parties have their representatives. Above all in the capital, the alleged corruption case surrounding the Prague transport company could also affect the result. According to the opposition, the elections will be a referendum on the government of Petr Fiala (ODS), but the people will not decide on its retention or removal.

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