Newcomers also want to fight for the post of mayor. Voters will decide

The residents of Klatovy will again have a choice of traditional sides, but also one new Klatovy21. She bet on a woman at the head of the candidate, her teacher and scout Kateřina Vágnerová. “We decided to run because of the feeling that Klatovy has stagnated in recent years,” said party member Luboš Nový.

A surprising news for Klatovany is the union of two parties – ANO 2011 and ČSSD. The leader of this group is Pavel Strolený (ANO), the second candidate on the list is Pavel Šefl (ČSSD).

Other well-known parties, which were supplemented by younger candidates and women, will also strive for votes. The current mayor Rudolf Salvetr will also defend his position.

Doctors in Klatovy are getting old, replacements are not coming. Will benefits help?

High tension

The results in Sušice will be eagerly awaited, where it is very busy mainly because of the hospital and the construction of the sports hall. The situation led some people to decide to form a party and run for office. The new party is the Sušicko Public Initiative, led by Zuzana Hrabá, who was, for example, behind the petition regarding the hospital in Sušice. “The public initiative, which I have been a part of since the beginning, has been pointing to the (in)activity of the current city management for a long time. We actively participate in informing citizens through leaflets that we deliver to mailboxes, and we point out facts about the hospital, the sports hall, a large assembly plant, the referendum and everyday life in the city,” said Hrabá.

The fate of the hospital. This will be the main topic of the elections in Sušice

The other side is the Sušick public, whose leader is Karel Požárek. “We wanted to do something beneficial for Sušica, to move her a little further. We live, work, do business in Sušice, we have families here. And we are sorry that nothing much new is happening or building in Sušice in recent years. Representations usually end in a long argument and real work is missing. We believe that we can change that,” Požarek told Deník.

The situation that arose in Sušice has a certain share in the fact that six current representatives decided not to run again.

Sušice square.

More than a quarter of representatives in Sušice are not running again

The Pirates in Sušice covet the mayor’s seat and make no secret of it. They are now headed by the former director of the hospital in Sušice, Václav Rada. “As Pirates, we are going to the municipal elections with a clear goal, and that is to assume co-responsibility for the management of the city. We want Sušice to be a city where everyone can live well. For this, it is necessary to ensure a functioning infrastructure, including healthcare, social care and housing, so that people do not run away from us,” said leader Václav Rada.

Even in Sušice, the current mayor Petr Mottl will try to defend his position.

They also have a “hot” topic in Železná Ruda, where, among other things, the election programs of all groups relied on the construction of apartment buildings for the local residents, so that they would have no reason to leave the city to live elsewhere. They do not hide the fact that they are not very big fans of the large-scale construction of apartment houses.

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Who wants to lead your village in Klatovsk? The newspaper brings female candidates

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