We found a total gadget in the interior of a used car. It’s the craziness of the year

I must admit that when I first saw this, I mean a photo with such a trick, I burst out laughing. I don’t really have a bad spatial imagination, and when I tried to even vaguely imagine, how could it work in such a cramped space as this coupe has, I had fun. Did someone really think of this and did someone make it? Although I actually understand when I realize the year and make of this car. It was a completely different time. A completely different time.

Porsche at the crossroads of its history

That time was between 1977 – 1995, the brand is called Porsche and the model is Porsche 928. Yes, the legendary Grand Tourer is celebrating 45 years since the start of production. It went really well. Porsche once built i sports cars with a classic concept, i.e. front engine and rear wheel drive. However, if you look at the photo, where the iconic “figure eight” actually lies, it is rather “in the middle”, or behind the front axle. And the gearbox, on the other hand, at the back, i.e. the Transaxle system. An almost ideal 50/50 balance? Looks like it.

andPhoto source: Porsche

The 928 was created at a time when the “ninety-eleven” was not at all sure of its future, and the 928, still smelling of newness, was supposed to be a harbinger of bright tomorrows for Porsche. Today we already know that the whole thing ended up being completely different. However, this does not diminish the progressiveness of the 928 model nor the courage of Porsche to build such a thing. By the way, a year after its introduction, in 1978, the Porsche 928 became the European Car of the Year. Can anyone imagine any Porsche becoming Car of the Year today?

Timeless design and technical solutions

The Porsche 928 was designed by Wolfgang Möbius and during its long life the car went through many changes and improvements, the last model from 1995 differs from the first one from 1977 mainly in terms of engine. The volume and power of the eight-cylinder gradually increased, from the initial “decent” 240 horses (to a volume of 4.5 liters) it ended up with a volume of 5.4 liters and 350 horses. That’s already decent. Especially this last, or even the penultimate version, I really, really wouldn’t mind in the garage. Imagining the sound of the engine after starting up gives me goosebumps already.

andPhoto source: Porsche

But what’s really cool about the Porsche 928 is what’s evident in the video starting at about 1:30 and in the photos in our gallery. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Porsche 928 has sun visors. That’s understandable, of course, the Cinquecento has them too. But the Porsche 928 has them – even in the back. This is such an incredible whim that I really can’t imagine how in the 2+2 coupe you can fold up the sun visors at the back… So that they work. But they obviously gave somehow. The shielding then had to be perfect.

Need more proof that this car is completely ahead of its time? Here is. Both bumpers were covered with a special plastic that could withstand an impact of up to 8 km/h without damage. Especially at the back, the plastic was flexible enough that you could also try to dent it with your hand without any risk of damage. Nothing strange today, but we are 45 years back, don’t forget. Something tells me I need to check out how much this car is currently going for. Even though I know I’ll never have him. What can you do. But as a tip for you on a great youngtimer? Definitely yes!

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