Opava region is in the midst of elections, municipal elections are starting. Who will lead the municipalities in the coming years?

Will ANO repeat its success?

The victory in the municipal elections in Opava is defended by the ANO 2011 movement. Four years ago, it won convincingly in the Silesian metropolis, winning 22.02 percent of the vote and thus also ten mandates in the Opava council, which has thirty-nine members.

2022 elections in Opava: Prices in public transport as a topic

The second place was occupied four years ago by the ODS, TOP 09, Soukromník and independent candidates, who won 13.96 percent of the vote and six seats in the council. The third place was held by Pirátů & Opavanů, which was voted by 10.99 percent of the citizens and they also assigned five representative mandates to this group. After the elections, the coalition agreement was signed by the ANO 2011 movement, the Pirates, the Citizens of Opava, the People’s Party and the Green Party, and Tomáš Navrátil (ANO 2011) became the mayor. In the middle of the election period, however, after mutual disagreements with the city management, the Pirates let go of the helm, headed for the opposition and were replaced in the coalition by the Social Democrats.

Housing, kindergartens, transport and Breda

Fourteen entities will compete for voters’ votes in Opava on Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 24. The topics that individual parties presented as their priorities before the elections are generally similar across the political spectrum. For example, stopping the decline in population, supporting new construction and affordable housing, revitalizing the city center or expanding kindergartens is the most favored.

The candidates in the Opava Region are dominated by men, only Jezdkovice was dominated by women

Hlučín town hall. Illustrative photo.

Most of the mayors of towns and villages in the Opava region defend their posts in the municipal offices

However, the topics that the citizens of Opava themselves identified as important in the pre-election survey of Deník are not left out. These include the future of the former department stores in Breda and Slezana, cheaper public transport or more parking spaces not only in the center but also in housing estates.

The mayors advocate

In addition to the district town of Opava, there are six other towns in the region. In almost all of them, the current mayors are running again in these municipal elections to defend their positions. In Vítkov, Pavel Smolka (Together for Vítkov), in Budišov nad Budišovka, Patrik Schramm (ODS), in Hradec nad Moravicí, Patrik Orlík (SNK Občané občanům) are running for citizens’ votes. In Hlučín, voters will issue a “report card” to current mayor Pavlo Paschko (Citizens for Hlučín) and in Kravaří to Monica Brzesková (KDU-ČSL).

Breda department store, February 16, 2022 in Opava.

Why her? Opavská Breda as the number one election topic

All mayors are number one candidates. However, a new face will sit in the leadership of Dolní Benešov after the communal elections, the current mayor Martin Štefek (Association of Citizens of Dolní Benešov and Zábřeh), who headed Dolní Benešov for sixteen years and was a representative and councilor for the previous eight, has decided not to take part in these elections.

Let’s also add that polling stations are open on Friday, September 23, from 2 to 10 p.m., and on Saturday, September 24, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Mayor of Opava Tomáš Navrátil.

Who wants to lead your village in the Opava Region? The newspaper brings candidates for municipal elections

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