IN – Aquarians will struggle with fatigue and Pisces should keep criticism to themselves: What awaits the next sign this week?

Do you like to look into the future? Wondering what to expect in the coming days? Read our astrological forecast to reveal the veil of things to come… Have fun with our special weekly horoscope.

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This week you will have a pleasant meeting, thanks to which you will learn something important. If you’re single, there could also be new love on the horizon. You will see in which direction your personal life will develop.
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In the following week, think about others and not just yourself. Help, care, be interested. There will come a time when this care will be returned to you and you will be very happy for it.
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This week you will be overcome by sadness, but you may not be able to explain it. You will also have the feeling that people are looking at you through their fingers. Especially colleagues at work. Don’t get carried away.

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You are doing well and you will continue to do well. Focus on where you send your energy, because others want to benefit from your success. Have another successful week.
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Take care of your health. Old wounds may resurface. But don’t underestimate the weather either. You will be prone to colds. So dress warmly. Summer ends.
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Your mood will be very volatile. It will go from laughing to crying and vice versa. Try to stabilize yourself somehow and work on it. For example, relaxation or targeted meditation will help. You will be better off and so will those around you.
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You are still living under a slight stress that some unexpected disaster will come, some appliance will break, other expenses will come up, etc. Don’t worry. No calamity awaits you in the following week and you can live in peace.
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This week you will be well-wished for and successful in almost everything you set your mind to. For example, you could try asking for a raise or a promotion. You will also have success among friends and in a partner relationship.
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Maybe you’re overthinking everything and that’s why you’re always stressing out and things aren’t working out the way you’d like. Try to let things flow, be grateful for what you have and think positively. With that mindset, it will come sooner than you think.
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Do you feel like everything is turning against you? Don’t worry, this period will pass soon. Focus on yourself and relax.

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Fight autumn fatigue and instead of coffee or energy drink, opt for herbal teas, lots of fruits and vegetables and add movement. You will see that rush of energy.

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If you have a lot of criticism towards other people in your head this week, you better keep it to yourself, they might not understand and accept it.

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Source: author Linda Zdražilová.

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