Crosses instead of circles. How to proceed in municipal elections so that your vote does not go to waste

Crosses instead of circles. How to proceed in municipal elections so that your vote does not go to waste
Crosses instead of circles. How to proceed in municipal elections so that your vote does not go to waste

Polling stations will open today at 2 p.m., then close eight hours later, i.e. at 10 p.m. On Saturday, the elections will continue from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Voters will be able to choose their representatives in cities and municipalities, and in some parts of the Czech Republic, their senators in the first round.

Of all the elections held in the Czech Republic, the municipal elections are the ones with the most complex electoral system. Instead of circles, as is usual in parliamentary elections, crosses play a role in municipal elections. A voter can select the entire candidate list of one party with one cross, or vote for individual candidates. Both options can also be combined. However, crosses can only be awarded to individual candidates as many as there are members in the city or village council. If he gives more, his vote is invalid.

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If the voter decides to give a cross to the candidate of one party and at the same time to the candidates running for the same party, crosses are not counted for selected candidates. His vote will thus be given to the entire candidate. However, if the voter gives a cross to one party and decides to also choose candidates from other groups, the number of votes given to candidates other than the chosen party is deducted from the end of the candidate list.

Senate elections take place in the classic way. The voter decides on one of the candidates and places his ballot in the ballot box in the polling station. It is not necessary to use any circles or crosses. Unlike municipal elections, it is also possible to obtain a voter’s card and vote in a constituency other than the voter’s permanent residence.

In the game for places on the town halls of villages and towns, as of Monday, there was an election website 178,483 candidates, 16,799 people ran for city districts. In total, there were 195,282 applicants for approximately 62,000 municipal representative seats. There are thus more than three applicants for one place in the council.

178 candidates will try to get into the senate in this year’s elections. On average, there are six to seven candidates for each of the 27 districts where senators will be decided this weekend. Karlovy Vary will have the largest selection with 11 candidates. For the first time in the history of senate elections, it is certain that one senator will be elected already in the first round. In Orlickousteck, after the resignation of the deputy mayor of Česká Třebová, Josef Kopecky (ODS), only two candidates remained in the game.

However, this year’s senate elections also offer several media-watched fights. For example, in Vysočina, the current president of the senate Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) will face Jana Nagyová, the candidate of the ANO movement, in the fight for a seat in the upper chamber of the parliament. Together with former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, she is accused in the Čapí hnízdo case, which will be heard again by the Municipal Court in Prague a week after the elections.

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