Zlat pilba: Nai could be the ones who see the stars, to the seduction editor

Zlat pilba: Nai could be the ones who see the stars, to the seduction editor
Zlat pilba: Nai could be the ones who see the stars, to the seduction editor

In addition, the best Jan Kvch and Vclav Milk, former participants of the Grand Final, also travel to Svtkov in silence. The fans of the Pardubice flat weekend will have to decide what to watch, according to the president of the club and the editor of the contest for the Golden Helmet, Even Erban.

Pilba’s top stars will be the Australian Jason Doyle, a three-time winner, and the Polish Patryk Dudek, the Polish champion, to Erban. My secret favorite is Dan Bewley, a 22-year-old Anglian who has won two Grand Prix events this year. He showed up with us in red in the fall of 23letch, he actually flew here. Svtkovsk draha fits his mind. When she will have a good day, it is one of those that can surprise the old fighters and make a difference, he added.

The centerpiece of the weekend is the new SEC Finals Championship, which replaces the Junior World Championships from five years ago. Do you think Zlat pilb is a whole new dimension?
Urite. We worked with the juniors, because they were also mostly professionals, on the day of the competition. That’s why I’m two kals, and they’re referred to as under-21 riders. It’s another level. But the riders who arrived at the SEC started in the Grand Prix. The two sunny Poles are full of people. In the extra league, an unknown Pole is drinking you, and even Vaka (Milka) is soapy. Seril SEC generates a long Grand Prix season, it has to deserve it. And in those seductions, have such a balanced form that the whole thing wins. It can’t be someone who happens to succeed.

The starters of SEC and Pilby do not match one hundred percent, but the accuracy of this final will probably help you towards Sunday, right? You can’t bet on Pilba if you’re not a rider.
It goes without saying, but I won’t take anyone from the SEC to Pilba, because I have a contract with the seductress from here to n. Teba (Leona) Madsen, it’s terrible with him. Such a Danish cold umk. I don’t like this, I don’t like this… It’s nice when the riders are relaxed and the riders go for it, even when they don’t feel like it. Madsen didn’t last when he can’t do it, he’s angry, he’s on the market and the like…

How do you predict Kvcha and Milk’s result in Pilb?
They are at home, Kvch was once a runner here (2020) and Vaek won once (2017). Their goal cannot be other than the big finle, that’s why they eat it. There’s a lottery over there. They should be the ones who see the stars. Not everyone who arrives is just having a day. This lead takes two equal steps. I’ll fall down once, you’ll howl once, but you’re in it. This is not the case with normal cables.

In the press release, you mentioned that you discouraged Kvch from starting in the Zlat stuz so that he would not start in those seductions. How did that happen? So that he doesn’t get hurt in front of Pilba?
My main concern was that he would not be tired. He got a wild card into the SEC, rides Stuha and Pilba. Pilba can be won in five races, but also in ten if you have to complete all the qualifications. And the finale is six laps away. When Hans Andersen won here, he said to me after the final: Look, I went to the Åsylko’s debt, I didn’t even see… I personally was in a small final once, I had physics, but that’s under the watch, that the flag will be flown in of the last round, and nothing… who thinks: What is it? Suddenly my hands hurt. He asks: Did they forget, or am I that stupid? Or did I miss it? Pull it out. and in the final is 1:45 minutes, but they are cruel seconds.

The stadium in Svtkov underwent reconstruction. Can you tell me what changed?
First, we gave a new light board. We’ve had the old one from Nisasport since 1984, on rovky. You don’t even make them here, we had to order them again… The city gave us two million for a new icebox, which is 11 x 5 meters. We tested it, it’s really something completely different. It can be seen from all parts of the stadium and the sun doesn’t bother it. U t star you dog n saw nothing. Then we had to buy a new protective guardrail, today according to FIM (International Federation of Motorcyclists) regulations, it must be suspended even on the level. It cost about 2.8 million. The region also helped us with that.


Flat weekend in Pardubice-Svtkov

finle ME individual

opening of the stadium 12.00
seductive rides 19.05
On Saturday
MS flat track and 48th Gold ribbon junior

opening of the stadium at 6.00
seductive flat track rides 13.00
seductive rides Gold ribbons 15.45
on sunday
74. Gold helmet of the city of Pardubice
opening of the stadium at 7.00
ceremonial entry 11.55
seductive ride 12.20 p.m
had a final at 16.15
grand finale 16.20

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