Who was dusted this week from…

Little Chris colored up nicely! When Bára tried to raise him, he retaliated with bites and lies that could destroy her relationship with Franta as well. Šimon also resorted to lying, but for quite different reasons – he didn’t want to admit that the boys painted his scooter. Grandpa would just go on an unnecessary rampage…

Tonda decided to disinherit his son

Jirka wanted to reconcile with his father, but Hložánek the elder is already completely paranoid and convinced that his ambitious son is trying to oust him from the post of mayor. When the young man brought him a gift for the celebration and wanted to wish him well, Tondo saw it as just another ruse.

He wanted to disinherit his son, so he thought that he had only come for the desire of wealth. He insulted Jirka and apparently drove him away for good. He later unwrapped his gift, which turned out to be a touching family photo, and burst into tears.

Chris bit Bara and made up a hideous lie

Chris hates it in kindergarten, so he made up his mind to be unwell. He knew Skyler’s gullible mom would be easy to convince. However, no one had time to look after the boy. Bára ended up canceling her dentist appointment so she could offer herself as a babysitter.

Chris wasn’t listening to her at all. Despite their agreement, he wanted to play with the tablet all the time. Bára decided to take it from him, but Chris bit her hand and really pissed her off. She took the tablet from him after all, so he played the offended part for the rest of the day. In addition, he told his parents that Bára had hit him, which claim resulted in a serious family split.

Ším was sick, but he made a friend

Šíma became friends with Michal Klíma. They were united by their interest in the same computer games. Bullies also continued to torment Šimon and painted his scooter pink. This upset Mastný in particular. Šima lied and explained that it was a crazy bet.

Grandpa didn’t believe him, and actually Gábina didn’t find the story about the bet very credible either, but she let it go when Sima felt sick to her stomach. He vomited and developed a temperature, and Gábina felt guilty for fear that it could be related to the vaccination. However, the doctor refuted the possible connection and left the marauder at home for a week. Michal came to visit him and together they painted the scooter black.

Spoiled Lexík wanted dad all to himself

After catching dad and Kateřina kissing, Lexík decided to keep an eye on Lumir at every step. When dad didn’t arrive home because, according to grandma, he was at work, Lexík was going to convince them and secretly slipped out of the apartment. He headed to the pub on his own, hoping to catch Dad in flagrante again.

He ran into Pumra’s wound, who willingly interrupted the innkeeper and Mr. Nykl from their amorous dalliances to inform them that a small warden was waiting for them at the bar. Lumir preferred to quickly take his son back home, where Vilma was already lamenting that he was lost.

Jakub was released from the hospital

As soon as Jakub was released from the psychiatric hospital, he called Věrc and told her that he would like to meet her. She arranged a meeting with him in front of the school, where they discussed his desperate act and at the same time informed him with regret that they could no longer see each other, because Karla and Kryštof did not want it.

Věrka would still like to continue supporting Jakub, and so on Karla decided to tell a half-truth and revealed to her that Jakub had an unhealthy attachment to her and that he was a skilled manipulator.

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