BEWARE OF IRONY: The Speech That Wasn’t

BEWARE OF IRONY: The Speech That Wasn’t
BEWARE OF IRONY: The Speech That Wasn’t

Dear fellow citizens,

Today I decided to tell you the truth, even if it hurts.

For the first message, I was inspired by Paul Volcker, who managed the US central bank in the 1970s, when high inflation was rampant in the US. He told the US Congress in 1979 that “if inflation is to be tamed, the standard of living of the average person must go down”. He continued, “I don’t think we’re going to avoid it.”

Yes, inflation is clearly the government’s fault. Because most of us have never run anything in the private sector, never even baked a loaf of bread, one government after another has thought that businesses can be turned on and off overnight or that small business owners are indestructible. So we stopped the economy and printed money instead as they advised us. We thought it would pass. And no!

So we send you the bill. We can’t send it to the experts, not only did they earn enough for testing, but not that much.

Courage is a rare commodity

The courage to stand up to something is an extremely rare quality. How many people signed Charter-77, even though it was only an innocent call for Czechoslovakia to comply with the Helsinki Convention, to which it acceded as a state? And you wonder that none of us find the courage to stand up to an ideology, even when it directly contradicts the laws of physics and self-preserving geopolitical strategy?

At first we thought it was just a good effort to live more in harmony with Mother Nature, but also because we didn’t stand up for those who warned against it in the beginning, it became an ideology like any other. The ideology of Zeleninism, which does not know compromises, does not seek the optimal solution in discussion, it is a power-intoxicated movement that does not count the chips when felling the forest.

Invincible ego

Moreover, we have invested our egos in the service of modern Zeleninism, which has put us in a situation from which there is no escape. None of us today can say that it was an extremely expensive mistake, because sacrificing one’s ego is really hard. Moreover, it is a big risk, because our modern democracy has taken over the most effective methods of all totalitarian regimes: to mark the opinion opposition as a servant of dark forces and immediately turn it democratically. After all, we also had a good time with different opinions. Nicely without judgement.

We just don’t do it! We don’t want to be called naysayers.

As we all know, without having to defend their own opinion in the discussion, everyone just confirms to each other that there are no icebergs in front of the ship. And even if someone sees him there, they are afraid to say it, because they would throw him overboard. That’s why we only say “oops” in the face of an iceberg. We don’t have a plan, but luckily we have a relatively good excuse. So we’re going to flick it until the money runs out completely.

Your money, to be clear.

Being intoxicated by laws is like being intoxicated by drugs

Intoxicated with the feeling that we understand it, we believe that without our advice and instructions people will not survive. That they won’t come to an agreement, that the business will collapse, that they won’t be able to do it without us. That’s why we react to the slightest piece of crap with a new law, decree or regulation and never look back to see if it’s even helpful. In fact, we take pleasure in creating new and new armies of controllers whose sole mission is to hang on the feet of those who want to take care of themselves. But you wouldn’t believe how intoxicating it is to promise to solve it with some new law. We always calve completely.

One of the greatest Roman historians, Publius Tacitus, who lived in the first century AD, was right when he said that “the more corrupt the state, the more laws it produces.”

But unfortunately, this obsessive compulsive disorder cannot be cured because it is obsessive.

In conclusion, I would like to tell you that facing the truth is difficult. If I hadn’t had mushroom soup before, I wouldn’t have been able to do it either.

Good luck to you. You’re on your own. And you can only change it yourself. We won’t do it.

(From the Free Cheese server with permission of the editor)

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