After that, the children thought it was a game. It takes time and other perceptions, at Nejedlci

After that, the children thought it was a game. It takes time and other perceptions, at Nejedlci
After that, the children thought it was a game. It takes time and other perceptions, at Nejedlci

Dagmar Juriov, in the framework of her Center for Special Pedagogical Support Kouzelen, first helped such children and parents in the framework of the 6-day online course Non-eaters.

What kind of children is the Nejedlci uren project for?
Imagine a child holding an ice cream, sucking it to the mouth and starting to cry because it hurt. We have children like that here. A different temperature is so unpleasant for him that he refuses to put such food in the st. There are also children here, who roll over at the sight of the bann. For him, the sensory perception is so unpleasant that it is unimaginable for him that they would put something like that in their mouth.

One of the rules of Non-Eating is that the moment a child plays with food, there should be no talk of food at all. It should take place in a room where you don’t eat and at a time when you don’t eat.

Dagmar Yuriovlecturer of the Non-eaters course

Why doesn’t it work?
Or deal with an eating disorder that is due to some physiological reason. It should be a swallowing disorder or a deformity of the swallowing or tracheal tract. But nobody here knows much about the American or pediatric eating disorder. The causes of this disorder are so wide that we don’t even want pediatricians to know about them. Non-eaters, take care of one of those pins, and that is five sensory processing. Respectively, she does not like to suffer, but she can be pushed to another limit.

And how do the Eaters want to move it back?
Non-Eaters are based on the concept of Game with Food, which we have admired in America. I added the concept of Snoezelen, which is multi-sensory stimulation. In Nejedlce we combine both with the help of the gradual development of the senses of tenderness. I always know that I will be there slowly. When you take a bu and throw it into hot water, it will rise. But when you put her in the cold water and you slowly take her in, let her relax. We slowly develop the sensory sensitivity of the object, the perception.

When will you teach it on some concrete basis
We had this boy who, when his mother used to cook pagets, declared that it was disgusting and that he would not even touch it. We showed him the pagets in a different context. We don’t want you to eat it, but come and see if it hits the window, we told him. He began to have an unpleasant sensation of licks of pasta combined with some joyful moment. Then it is possible that when his mother eats pasta for the next day, there will not be an overwhelming reaction and he will be willing to eat it on his plate. Someone can taste it within thirteen days, the process is long-term, but it could happen to you within two months.

You have to do it slowly and gradually. When you hold that paget in your hand and someone touches it and tastes it, is it back to point zero?
Song like that. One of the rules of Non-Eating is that the moment a child plays with food, there should be no talk of food at all. It should take place in a room where you don’t eat and at a time when you don’t eat. Parents, I must not offer children to taste. Do not press on the saw.

How are the results at the end of the course?
The course does not have the ambition that children will follow it forever. But the food that children eat is different. Both in structure and color. We have children who refuse to eat certain colors, and then we have children who refuse to eat different textures. Do you only eat dry food or only mixed food? We try to move such children to the second pool. When it’s just dry, we want to add some pyrethrum or similar. Entry A picky eater is not a child who happily bites into bread with salami, but a lover of tolerated and indulgent foods. Most importantly, in the second case, the family will calm down, what has been going on. They stop saying hysterically that the child is eating something, and two other eyes turn on it.

kte, e pina le in ranch traumas, you from childbirth. What kind of trauma does a child suffer from not being able to eat liquid food?
It can’t be taken that concretely. Your mom doesn’t even know that some trauma happened. It could happen that during pregnancy, when the child is swimming in the pool, there is heat, flowing through the eye. It’s full no matter how. Mom could have fallen, she was crying, she was just scared of you. However stress hormone production on dt psob. This is trauma in a pre-existing condition. The traumas are minor inside, but because the nervous system is so weak, so stay there. These children may have a problem with warm food or you with liquid food. Because in the environment where they were supposed to be safe, they encountered something that left a negative memory trace on them.

So pin identification is not necessary?
At all. Yes, many families want vdt pro. J for them, and not for, but they start to go how. We are working on the symptoms. When the dtti is wet, I will go and slowly make him wet. When I have a problem with a child who refuses food, the first thing I need is an opinion from a clinical speech therapist, whether I have a mouth, whether I can move my lips, tongue, and the like. If everything is in order in this respect, then we can start working. But not in the way that I take his kai and pour pieces into it. We play with the smooth slime and gradually add two pieces to it. Don’t watch the habit of the hand on how the mouth will work. What goes through the dog’s hands always goes into the mouth.

Dagmar Yuriov

She is the founder of the Center for Special Pedagogical Support Magical. After her son with Asperger’s syndrome was born, she gave up her career as a personal trainer and began studying special pedagogy, specializing in etopedics. Yippee certified therapist of the Snoezelen method. The Nejedlci project is devoted to the year and pl. She also founded a store with therapeutic needs Kousk. In the center of Kouzelen works with children with special needstrying to correct their deficits and help them in that, written, potn.

If these problems don’t go away, what will happen to me later?
Since they are very limited in life, they will grow up to be a people who do not eat fruits and vegetables at all. That’s what happens. On the other hand, we have children who drink only infant formula, which will thicken the stomach. Don’t worry. If this were not the case, such a child would have a lack of nutrients for the formation of muscles and bones. Then there would be a pediatrician who would tell the mother: Your child is not doing well, he is not chubby enough, it is up to you. The pediatrician will give the child some protein milk with a high caloric value. Since he doesn’t eat anything at all, sometimes his parents get this silence in him.

And what happens in extreme cases?
He can’t starve the child, in the second case, when the child can’t be kept alive, a probe is inserted and the baby is fed directly into the aluduk. We try to avoid this first. For me, these are cases when the system fails a little. Especially at the moment when the child is unable to take food, the probe saves his life. Only when we know that the food is taking me, we just didn’t work with it enough, it’s a failure. At a time when a child and not only a child, you and a senior do not eat food, the brain is deprived of a lot of important information. The brain and nerves legally send information to the brain, and the brain is enriched with it.

Aren’t non-eaters just for kids?
They can also be for adults. Even with an adult with a very limited diet, it is possible to work. But the adult hunter will find compensation to make up for the lack of ivinch. A small child needs a large amount of food. When my child’s appetite is limited, it is up to us to improve his quality of life and food intake.

How are your projects?
In the center, we discovered that there are a large number of children with autism spectrum disorder who did not get into adequate classes. We started cooperation with the autistic circle of Tolcova. From January, we would try weekly games here and the children would enjoy them here. It is not just a game or a play, but a special pedagogical project with regard to the specifics of children with autism. At the end of November, we want to start an educational activity in the framework of the Na krmen zle project.

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