Russian envoy to the UN: Ukrainians have themselves to blame for the dead, because they shoot down our missiles

“Damage to residential buildings and casualties among the civilian population are the work of Ukrainian air defense, which is not deployed in the suburbs, but directly in the city centers. As a result, the remnants of downed Russian missiles or Ukrainian ones fall on objects that Russia did not target,” said Nebenzya.

“For example, today Ukrainian users of social networks posted on the Internet a video of a rocket hitting a residential building in Kyiv and the Kyiv region. It turned out that these were American missiles delivered to NATO,” added the Russian envoy to the UN.

In recent days, the Russians have been carrying out massive strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure with the aim of crippling electricity and water supplies. The Kremlin makes no secret of the fact that it is an attempt to harm the civilian population as much as possible before the coming winter. His spokesman Dmitry Peskov openly said some time ago that these strikes targeting civilians are intended to force Kyiv to negotiate.

Media: The Kremlin has admitted that it wants to use attacks on infrastructure to force Kyiv to negotiate

The war in Ukraine

On Wednesday, in one of the largest missile attacks on Ukraine since the start of the invasion, Russia caused further serious damage to Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, leaving most of the country without power. At the same time, the Russians hit residential areas in Kyiv, Lviv and other cities.

According to information from the Ukrainian authorities on Wednesday, the strikes left 10 dead and dozens injured.

The Russians may deploy chemical weapons, the Americans assume

The war in Ukraine

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