Pay what we want, and the suffering of the population will end, the demands of the terrorists from Moscow

Pay what we want, and the suffering of the population will end, the demands of the terrorists from Moscow
Pay what we want, and the suffering of the population will end, the demands of the terrorists from Moscow

The leader of Ukraine has all the power to bring the situation back to normal, he has all the power to settle the situation in such a way as to meet the demands of the Russian side and thus end the suffering of the civilian population, declared Peskov.

The speech did not specify these requirements. Moscow heard the demands of the wolves. Again, she talked about the de-Nazification and demilitarization of neighboring countries.

Russia officially admitted that it will kill civilians, including the entire energy sector, in order for Ukraine to meet the demands of the invasion, while the world watched as the freezing country continued to fight for its freedom, and was debating whether to call a terrorist a terrorist, commented Kremlin spokesman Mykhailo Podolyak from the Ukrainian presidential office .

The attitude that Ukrainians let genocidal tyrants bring them to their knees and beg to be allowed to capitulate is evidence of complete ignorance of the Ukrainian nation, Podoljak told the Zerkalo server. Think about it. e Putinv regime and his Belarusian ally Alexander Lukaenko do not have a future in front of them that can be staggered for years and years, but in the end much faster – and similar to how it seemed to many in the recently liberated Kharkiv region and Kherson.

Peskov thus stated that he did not know anything about the meeting of Russian and Ukrainian officials, which, according to Reuters, took place a week ago in the United Arab Emirates and was about the capture and import of Russian spiders, used to make fertilizers, to Ukraine. No, I don’t know anything about that at all. I can’t do anything. I’m hearing about it for the first time, said Peskov, according to the Russian TASS agency.

Kyiv has refused to enter into peace talks with Moscow until Russian troops leave Ukrainian soil, and its determination to refuse to negotiate with President Vladimir Putin, or since the Norwegian invasion on his orders, has killed thousands of people and forced millions from their homes.

Putin, who ordered the Russian army to invade the neighboring country on November 24, declared Ukraine an artificial state and condemned it for existence. He claims that the collective West manipulated Ukrainians to turn against Russia and reject the concept of a common Russian-Ukrainian history and a single common nation.

Since the wolf’s arrest, Putin has made a number of contradictory statements. Kupkladu claimed that the purpose of the special military operation was not to occupy Ukraine. But in the end, I tried to join Russia by occupying Ukraine’s Donetsk, Luhansk, Khersonsk and Zporosk regions. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army, during its counteroffensive, liberated Kherson, the only regional metropolis that the Russians managed to capture in 274 days of war.

Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusov warned his compatriots on television today to prepare for another massive flow of Russian missiles, which will undoubtedly come. We know that the duration is plus or minus a week. They need that time to prepare for the next massive rocket stream. Meanwhile, Ukraine is putting up its anti-aircraft defenses again. Oh my god. the terrorist regime will undoubtedly continue to do so, he said according to the Unian agency. He pointed out that although Russia only has a limited number of small missiles and rockets, it has a known number of S-300 missiles. Although they are designed for aircraft and other aerial targets, the Russians are now using them for ground targets, although in such a case the deviation can be kilometers, and the rockets instead of energy objects hit residential buildings, maternity hospitals and hospitals.

Five cities near the front, such as Zporo, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Kherson, are at risk. The RBK-Ukraine server, with a release from the rescue service, wrote today that at least ten dead and 55 were injured in the Russian torrent.

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