Who will be the new Czech president? Bookmakers are clear!

Who will be the new Czech president? Bookmakers are clear!
Who will be the new Czech president? Bookmakers are clear!

Not only are people already mostly clear about who they will vote for in the upcoming presidential elections, the betting offices are also finalizing their odds. Even in these elections, they offer the possibility to bet on their favorite, or, conversely, to get rich thanks to a bet on one of the outsiders who can surprise, similar to hot favorites. How do Danuše Nerudová, Andrej Babiš, Petr Pavel and other adepts stand in the battle for the Castle?

From the recalculation of the odds listed by the bettors into the percentage chances of possible candidates to win, carried out by, for example, the website Mandáty.cz, it follows that the bettors see Petr Pavel as the slight favorite with 43 percent, followed by Danuša Nerudová with 34 percent.

The third Andrej Babiš lags behind the leading pair in the eyes of the bettors by fifteen percent.

In addition to the winner of the election, interested parties can also bet on the percentage of voters or on which of the two selected candidates will get more votes. As with sports, live betting on the presidential election will be available right during the election.

It is definitely a good idea to watch them before betting on them. Especially during discussions on TV or in the media, it may happen that something goes wrong with one of the candidates.

How will the presidential election turn out according to bookmakers?

Perhaps he will clearly lose a speech duel with his opponent or some unpleasant news from his past will surface.

Of course, this also immediately reduces the candidate’s potential number of votes. So it is good to work with these factors when betting on the president.

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