Skyshowtime CZ 2023: Price, logo and 4k

Skyshowtime CZ 2023: Price, logo and 4k
Skyshowtime CZ 2023: Price, logo and 4k

Movie streaming services are increasingly popular in the Czech Republic and around the world, so it is not a big surprise that another competitor – the European service SkyShowtime – will soon join the regulars in the form of Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ and Voya. She should start with Jurassic World, Shrek, Star Trek and other movie and series gems!

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Streaming service SkyShowtime: A new player in the market

The new streaming service, which successfully went through its baptism of fire in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in September last year, to subsequently expand to the Netherlands, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, is about to invade the screens of Czech televisions, mobile phones and computers already in February or March of this year. And so the question arises whether the Czech viewer can expect something new from her and whether they can hope that the European player will be able to in an increasingly saturated market to be interested in something elsethan American competition in the form of Netflix or HBO Max?

SkyShowtime stream: To fight with sharp weapons

The streaming services created behind the big puddle have not had competition in recent years, so it is clear to the representatives of the European competitor that they will not go with a weak offer of films and series. Therefore, they leave nothing to chance and offer their potential customers television premieres of motion pictures from Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures, a number of new and inherited quality series as well as a diverse range of children’s programs from Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks Animation, Paramount+, Showtime, Sky Studios and Peacock. Viewers can look forward to films such as Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic World: Domination, Aliens: The Villain Comes, The Northerner, Sing 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, The Lost City or Downton Manor: The New Era.

SkyShowtime In the Czech Republic: Price, wiki, date

SkyShowtime, a joint service of Comcast Corporation and Paramount Global, has expanded to many countries around the world in recent months and begun its battle with competition for viewers. So far, it seems quite successfully. This is evidenced not only by the growing number of subscribers, but also by the very numerous searches for the platform in search engines (not only) in the English language. In addition to the launch date in one country or another, the searched keywords are also dominated by the question of the price of the service, which can have a great influence on the resulting success or failure of the platform. By the way, the price of a monthly subscription should vary in the Czech Republic around 180 CZK per month. In addition, the launch of the platform will be accompanied by an introductory discount for new members.

SkyShowtime “robs” HBO Max of elite series

The new addition to the streaming services in the Czech Republic definitely has no intention of fitting in, so it leaves nothing to chance from the very beginning. In order to arrive with great fanfare, he decided to go straight to the proven film library of the strongest competition. He thus acquired the exclusive European rights to 21 local series from Warner Bros. Discovery, including some popular shows still on HBO Max. As part of this agreement, series such as Beartown, Beforeigners, Kamikaze, Lust and The Informant will soon disappear from HBO Max.

Netflix, Disney+ or HBO Max: Streaming services on TV, film platforms, stream

Viewers in the Czech Republic can already enjoy a relatively extensive and varied range of streaming services. Among the most popular are the aforementioned Netflix – a worldwide number one that boasts a huge amount of content. Furthermore, we also have the aforementioned HBO Max, formerly HBO Go, which has very rich content in the Czech language. The relatively new Disney+, which will appeal not only to children, but also to adults, is enjoying enormous interest. Under the baton of Nova, you can watch films and series in the Czech language on Voyo, and under Prima again on the streaming service iPrima. Although the latter service offers only very limited content under Prima, you will pay only 89 crowns per month for it, which is clearly one of the lowest prices on the market.



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