The drain will not be flushed for the longest time. Buildings are broken and torn down

The drain will not be flushed for the longest time. Buildings are broken and torn down
The drain will not be flushed for the longest time. Buildings are broken and torn down

Considering the total number of sweats in the world, there aren’t many that fall. However, in the last two years, such falls have multiplied. For example, last July in the US state of Oklahoma, a tree branch suddenly broke completely, sinking into the ground. Thanks to the rotor blade, the General Electric (GE) machine was roughly the same height as the one sent to Jetda. In the middle of the money field, the power plant was built less than a year ago. The pin manufacturer declined to comment.

Just a few days later, a GE turbine died in Colorado, USA. The operator and owner of this website, NextEra Energy, blamed the incident on a defective rotor blade. Last year, a rotor blade was separated from its core in a wall collapse, in March 2022, a new wind power plant in Lithuania fell, and in 2021, a massive 239-meter-tall turbine collapsed in Germany, reports Bloomberg.

The main reason, according to the agency, is that there is currently a dispute over who will build the biggest turbine. Even the company itself, which internally produces the power plants, will blame it. Recognize that there is a need to slow down new and old constructions at all times. Rapid innovation is driving manufacturing and ir supplier erosion, said GE Editor-in-Chief Larry Culp. Stabilization of the production and quality of these new products, according to him, requires five years.

The door closes and the investor drops

Both turbines, their blades sometimes as long as a soccer ball, are the main driver of the world’s internal energy expansion. In 2021, the installed capacity of domestic power plants exceeded 840 gigawatts, while in 2007 their total output was only 100 gigawatts. Manufacturers began to focus on large machines, because it allowed them to reduce project costs and thus the price per installed power.

Only because of the recent incidents, the costs of the turbine manufacturers are on the contrary increasing. For example, the GE company gave approximately 500 million dollars (i.e. 11 billion crowns) to cover bankruptcy repairs in this quarter of last year.

The growing riskiness of internal turbines can lead to increased insurance contracts and the loss of the investor’s door. With newer turbines, we are witnessing the fact that failures occur in a short time horizon, which is quite worrying, Bloomberg quotes Fraser McLachlan, executive editor of the London-based company GCube Underwriting, which leases power plants. In addition, the costs of materials have been increasing recently and appear later in supplier estimates.

In short, city manufacturers will now have to worry more about reliability. The general editor of the company Vestas Henrik Andersen stated this month that the turbines are currently large enough and that they have been out of production for about five decades. He will take the company out of the portfolio and focus on standardizing its products, Siemens Gamesa CEO Jochen Eickholt was told by Bloomberg.

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