The mysterious death of a 27-year-old model shook the fashion world. Colleagues are grieving

The mysterious death of a 27-year-old model shook the fashion world. Colleagues are grieving
The mysterious death of a 27-year-old model shook the fashion world. Colleagues are grieving

Model Jeremy Ruehlemann died at just 27 years old. The cause of death of the native of New Jersey, USA is not yet known, but his departure shook the entire industry. For example, fashion designer Christiano Siriano sent a touching message to the late model, who revealed that Ruehlemann was “a muse for him and always will be.”

The fashion designer shared a touching picture after Ruehlemann’s death on Sunday. He attached a heart-wrenching message to a series of photos in which the young man is captured by professionals and amateurs. “I’ve never posted anything like this, but it’s really hard to lose a friend who was such a beautiful soul. This is for Jeremy, the most beautiful person who gave so much love to everyone he met no matter what,” Siriano shared.

He subsequently admitted that the model was one of his muses and would always be. “He inspired me and I will love him forever. I send my love to his family and friends who have lost someone special. One day we will meet again, but right now I want to hug him. Rest in peace,” he added, thinking of the bereaved.

Ruehlemann has made a living as a model for the past five years. Throughout his career he has been represented by companies such as Soul Artist Management, the London and Miami branches of Next Models, Core Hamburg, IMM Brussels and The Mgmt in Sydney. The 27-year-old studied psychology before pursuing a modeling career, the Daily Mail website reports.

He was both authentic and influential

He has since walked several Siriano shows and posed for brands and designers such as John Varvatos, Joseph Abboud, Superdry, Macy’s, Zara, Nick Graham and Atelier Cillian. The rising star has also appeared in GQ and Playhaus magazines and collaborated with Superdry and Perry Ellis.

Jason Kanner of Soul Artist Management confirmed his death on social media. “It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I announce to everyone that Jeremy Ruehlemann has passed away. He was authentically himself. There was something about him that made you root for him,” he recalled of the late model. He added that Ruehlemann will forever have a place in his heart, as well as in the entire company.

Famous make-up artist Hung Vanngo also shared a touching message. The news of Ruehlemann’s death is said to have broken his heart. “He had a great influence on everyone he met. You get to know a lot of people in this business, but he was one of those that even if you met once, won a piece of your heart forever. My team and I appreciate the time we were able to spend with him,” he added, calling the 27-year-old model a true friend.


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