Are insects pests or predators?

Everyone tries to get rid of harmful insects – not only the owner of a huge farm, but also the owner of a small garden, where he grows strawberries and a few types of vegetables. But can you reliably distinguish between pests and predators? Today we will bring you several examples that you might not have expected.

Ants as saving (not only) forests

Ants are wingless or partially winged insects. They are characterized by a large head and multi-celled antennae. We get rid of them in our gardens mainly because some species in them encourage the spread of aphids. But you knew that they have the ability to eliminate a whole range of small insects? And that thanks to the fact that one colony kills up to 1000 individuals per day, it will save you from buying chemical products that you would otherwise have to use?

Ants in the garden can also be useful By

If the ants join forces, they dare even bigger insects than themselves. This mainly applies to butterflies (bumblebees, whiteflies, leafhoppers and damselflies) and hymenopterous insects (sawflies, combs and flatbacks). It not only attacks caterpillars, but also adults. Ants can also overcome soft crustaceans, larvae of bark beetles or hornworms. In this way, they can save trees attacked by these creatures – not only in forests, but also in gardens. Movements of larger groups of ants mean aeration of the soil.

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The wasp will hunt flies

Nobody wants wasps in their garden. It is true that they can do a lot of damage to the sweet fruit that ripens in your garden. While adult wasps really feed primarily on everything sweet, wasp larvae like insects the most. Adult wasps hunt flies and caterpillars, they then grind them into small pieces, which they feed their larvae. If you don’t have ten nests in your garden, but only a few inhabitants, let them live.

Bedbugs spin with mandelines

If you look at bugs as a pest, you will see that they suck up plant tissues. However, from the predator’s point of view, aphids, mealybugs, thrips, and mites also suck. If you are fighting the mandelineka on potatoes every year, the bug can significantly help you in your fight.


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