The Jackal showed himself to the Czechs, he is an adept for the future attack vehicle of the army


As the manufacturer himself states, the Jackal is the nickname given to the HMT 400 by their “British customers”. The light attack vehicle is intended mainly for special and airborne units and has found its application in the equipment of the special forces of Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, the USA, but also Australia, New Zealand.

HMT 400 attack vehicle, nicknamed the Jackal

The Jackal was deployed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The manufacturer highlights the wide range of weapons that the HMT 400 can carry, its high firepower and especially its modularity. It is possible to turn a 4×4 vehicle into a 6×6 vehicle within a few hours and without more complex service facilities, which makes it possible to increase its useful weight up to 3.8 tons.

Another useful technical element is the adjustment of its ground clearance thanks to a special pneumatic chassis. In addition to high cross-country ability and wading up to one meter, the Jackal chassis can be “lowered” so that it can be transported by Lockheed C-130 Hercules, Airbus A400M, Boeing C-17 and CH-47 Chinook helicopters.


Length: 5,790 mm

Width: 2050 mm

Height: min. 1,885 mm / max. 2,445 mm

Wheel track: 1,700 mm

Wheelbase: 3000 mm

Light height: min 180 mm / max 485 mm

Front approach angle: 40°

Rear approach angle: 40°

Maximum pitch angle: 60°

Maximum lateral tilt: 35°

Curb weight: 5,500 kg (including fuel and ballistic protection)

Payload: 2,100 kg

Total weight: 7,600 kg

Power unit: Cummins ISBE 6.7l, six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, about performance 136 kW at 2,500 rpm, torque 700 Nm at 1,700 rpm

Maximal speed: 120 km/h

Reach: 800 km

Contents of fuel tanks: 200 liters

On the other hand, some experts criticize the low protection of the crew when hitting a mine and the overall unsuitability of an armored convertible type vehicle for combat in an environment such as the current war in Ukraine. And it seems that not only there. After all, the large losses of Jackal crews allegedly led to the recommendation of experts in the past to withdraw this vehicle from the armament of British troops in Afghanistan.

The Czech Army is looking for a successor to the aging Land Rover Defender 130 Kajman light attack vehicle. However, a private purchase without competition in the order of billions of crowns is accompanied by questions not only about the appropriateness of the choice, but also about a possible conflict of interests, as we wrote in this article.

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