Yay According to VIDEO, Hamas destroys Israeli tanks


15 Israeli soldiers have now been killed in the ground operation in Gaza, bringing the total to 320 since October 7. Hamas has now released videos of its members destroying Israeli tanks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his condolences on Wednesday to the fallen soldiers of the Israeli army: “We are at war. It will be a long war. We have had important successes, but also painful losses… I promise you, the citizens of Israel: we will accomplish the task – we will continue until victory,” he promised at the end of the speech.

A video with emotional footage of members of Israel’s legislative body, called the Knesset, crying is also circulating on the Internet. According to the journal entry The Times of Israel a viewing of a compilation of newly processed footage from the October 7 terrorist attacks in the Negev is responsible for the crying of the MPs. The nearly 45-minute video was produced by the IDF Spokesperson’s Office and shows uncensored videos, often allegedly taken from terrorists’ body cameras. Lawmakers were allowed to hold the screening behind closed doors, with recording and cell phone use prohibited.

Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana said he held the screening so that lawmakers “know who and what we are facing” and “so that everyone knows how justified our path is in the war against this evil.”

“After five minutes I ran out of the hall, shaking and crying,” wrote Israeli politician Galit Distel Atbarian. “Hate the enemy, hate the monsters,” added Atbarian, serving as information minister in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s sixth government.

Meirav Ben-Air watched the video. “I saw everything until the end… It was important to look the monsters in the eyes and see our dead. I left and told myself that we will win.”

After watching the video, Israeli politician for Yesh Atid Vladimir Baliak uttered a single sentence: “Never forget, never forgive.”

Meanwhile, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, expressed his dismay at the high number of victims of Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip. The Jabalía refugee camp has reportedly been hit again. “Following the EU Council’s clear position that Israel has the right to defend itself in accordance with international humanitarian law and to ensure the protection of all civilians, I am appalled by the high number of victims of the Israeli bombing of the Jabaliya refugee camp,” he wrote on the social network X, saying that the right to self-defense should be balanced against the duty to spare civilians as much as possible.

Subsequently, together with the European Union, he called for the creation of humanitarian corridors: “The law of war and human rights must always apply, even in the case of humanitarian aid. Due to the ongoing tragedy in Gaza, the European Union has been calling for the creation of humanitarian corridors and the suspension of humanitarian needs since last week.

According to him, it is more urgent with each passing day. “Safety and protection of civilians is not only a moral but also a legal obligation,” Borrell said.

The number of victims among the people of Gaza is now approaching nine thousand, including 3,648 children and 2,290 women. Approximately 22,000 civilians were injured, the server said Al Jazeera. However, the Israeli military said the strike in Jabaliya had killed a top Hamas commander and other officers. Israeli officials reportedly took into account possible damage to civilians when making the decision.

According to Hamas, the Israeli airstrikes on the camp in Jabaliya also killed hostages. “Seven detainees, including three foreign passport holders, were killed in yesterday’s massacre in Jabaliya,” Hamas said in a statement.

A positive development within the conflict is on the humanitarian front, when for the first time since October 7 foreigners are allowed to leave Egypt and Gaza through the Rafah crossing. Ambulances transporting the wounded to Egypt were also observed. Evacuees go through security checks on the Egyptian side. Among the evacuees are Palestinians with Austrian, Bulgarian, Japanese, Jordanian, Greek, Australian and Czech citizenship.

The evacuation was reportedly agreed as part of a deal between Egypt, Israel and Hamas brokered by Qatar in coordination with the United States of America.

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author: Lucie Kroutilová


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