Why would we vilify civilians? It is the lie of Israel and the UN, hj se Hams

Why would we vilify civilians? It is the lie of Israel and the UN, hj se Hams
Why would we vilify civilians? It is the lie of Israel and the UN, hj se Hams

Many people ask why you excavated 500 kilometers of tunnels, but why you didn’t build anti-missile shelters where civilians can hide during the bombardment, said the moderator of the Russian pro-Kremlin RT station during an interview with the head of the Hamsu delegation to Moscow.

We built the tunnels because we have no other way to protect ourselves from death by flying. We are fighting to get the tunnel out, said Marzk.

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A high-ranking member of the terrorist organization added that seventy-five percent of the population of the Hams-controlled Gaza Strip are refugees and it is the responsibility of the United Nations to take care of them.

The UN agency UNRWA provides humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, and the Israeli army recently got into a dispute when the organization requested fuel supplies. Ask Hams if you can take some, the army wrote on a satellite photo of fuel pits outside Gaza.

According to Marzek, Israel is also responsible for the Palestinians. According to the Geneva Conventions, it is the duty of the occupier to provide all services to civilians while they are under occupation, Marzk said. Hamas regularly calls Israel the occupier.

Over the past 20 years, Hamas has fired thousands of rockets at Israeli cities, which contradicts the same statement, The Times of Israel noted. Remember that during the flow to Israel on January 7, the group’s gunmen killed many civilians and took hundreds of them as hostages.

In another interview for the Indian portal Frontline, Marzk repeated Hamsa’s statement that civilians should not be killed. According to the testimonies of Israelis who recounted the events, our freedom fighters did not kill them. Some video reports already prove that the fighters were talking about Israeli children. An Israeli woman said that one of the fighters asked her for permission to take the bann and eat it. Can someone who is allowed to eat kill civilians?

Israel published videos that until the day of Hams, the worst ones were only shown by 100 newspapers. A number of witnesses who witnessed their course, as well as the family members themselves, spoke about the masterminds of the gunmen.

Marzk claims that the Israeli defense forces alone will kill the Israelis with their holes. In the case of a music festival in the south of Israel, which only became a symbol of the massacre of a civilian, a representative of Hamsa claims that the Israeli army arrived in the city two unarmed men, thus the area became a military zone and led to destruction.

Stety was also argued by his colleague, a high-ranking member of the Hamsu political union, Ghaz Hamd. But when the BBC editor asked him how the organization justifies killing people in their sleep, he ended the interview. He did not answer the question.

Israel has repeatedly targeted Hamas for using civilians in the Gaza Strip as survivors, and a civilian killed during Israeli airstrikes is a PR campaign. The tunnels used for the asymmetric wolf have entrances near civilian buildings, such as metros, tanks, bikes, shopping centers, hospitals, and private homes.

According to the Israeli army, the Hamsu underground warehouses, with several tunnels leading to them, are located under the largest Palestinian hospital in the Gaza Strip.

According to The Times of Israel, one of the detained members of the terrorist group confirmed during the hearing that Hamas will destroy hospitals and medical clinics because they know that Israel will not target them. These cities can be used to advance explosives, weapons, food and medical equipment, which the terrorist group uses.

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