Biden called for a humanitarian pause in Gaza


“I think we need a break. Such a break means time that will be used for the release of prisoners.” These words were spoken by US President Joe Biden, according to the BBC server, during a meeting in the city of Minneapolis in the north of the USA on Thursday night Central European time.

The White House later specified that by the term “prisoners” Biden meant about 240 hostages held by the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip.

Biden is asking Congress for tens of billions to help Ukraine, Israel and the Palestinians

Qatar’s al-Jazeera television reported that Biden made the remarks after he was interrupted by a woman calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. “Mr. President, if you care about the Jews (…) I ask you to call for a truce,” shouted the person in question, who was then promptly taken out by security, but Biden continued to develop the idea.

The president mentioned that “Israel, like the Muslim world, is in an extremely difficult situation” and that he himself has supported a two-state solution from the very beginning, even though “there is no doubt that Hamas is a terrorist organization.”

The Americans want Israel to come up with a plan for what will happen to Gaza after the destruction of Hamas

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