Hell on vacation. The Czechs weathered the hurricane in the bathroom, it tore off the walls and roof

Hell on vacation. The Czechs weathered the hurricane in the bathroom, it tore off the walls and roof
Hell on vacation. The Czechs weathered the hurricane in the bathroom, it tore off the walls and roof

Mrs. Kateřina, who spends her vacation in Mexico with her family, can speak of great luck. Hiding in the bathroom of the apartment, they all survived the ravages of Hurricane Otis. Details of the dramatic story were described by TN.cz. It claimed more than 40 lives in Acapulco and caused extensive material damage.

Mrs. Kateřina went on vacation to Mexico in the second half of October with her partner, a cousin, her partner and their three-year-old daughter. From October 22, they all stayed in Acapulco. And it was there that Hurricane Otis caught up with them.

It swept through the city on the coast last Wednesday and reached a speed of almost 270 kilometers per hour, writes the Fox Weather portal. At the same time, the element has grown rapidly in just 24 hours.

“No one warned us about the hurricane in advance neither the local nor the DROZD system. As early as this morning, the forecast indicated that a hurricane of force 1 was likely to hit the coast of Acapulco. In the evening, the situation changed rapidly and around 20:00 local time the radars were already showing a hurricane of force 5,” Kateřina told the TN.cz editors.

The family therefore began to act quickly. Finally, the women decided to hide in the bathroom of their apartment. “In the bathroom, we covered the dormer windows with pillows. They recharged their phones and packed two evacuation bags. After the first gusts of wind, we all took shelter in the bathroom size 2 x 2 meters and they waited,” added Kateřina.

The hurricane struck very quickly. “Its force tore down the walls, took the roof off. Furniture and appliances flew outside the bathroom door. The whole house shook. The noise of the hurricane was like a passing train. We huddled in the bathroom, comforting the three-year-old girl and each other. We gathered our courage and prayed, so that we don’t die,” the woman described.

However, strong gusts of strong wind kept the bathroom door open. “Debris and shards flew into the room. We had to hold the door with three of us. We were scared to death. It lasted for several hours,” added Kateřina.

Although the ravages of the element died down after a few hours, the family decided not to open the door until morning light. “What I saw after opening the door was one big disaster. The entire apartment was destroyed, the roof fell, furniture and appliances were broken. We were wading up to our ankles in water, in rubble. There were fragments everywhere,” described the Czech.

They were then helped to get out of the building by one of the local residents who heard the call for help. The staircase was covered by the roof of the neighboring house. “After the hurricane, we were missing from our families for several days. We found ourselves in Acapulco, after the natural disaster, relying only on mediated information. Our relatives called the embassy. We on the spot had no news from the DROZD system,” complained Kateřina.

The Czechs found themselves without food, water and their belongings. The signal did not work and the electricity supply was interrupted. “For a few days before we finally managed to get away, we stayed in one of the hotels below, which had not suffered as much damage as our apartment. We ate the food we found in the hotel. We found barrels of drinking water, but we they had to save because we didn’t know how long we would have to stay at the place. We performed hygiene from the water in the pool, which had debris and fragments in it,” said Kateřina.

Three men helped the women. They were tourists from one of the hotels there who survived. “They took care of our safety and together we spent a long time of uncertainty and searching for a signal,” said the woman.

Although the family is now safe in Mexico’s capital, they will never forget what they went through. “We are recovering from a terrible experience and thank everyone and everything that held a protective hand over us that night,” Kateřina concluded.

Czechs can really talk about good luck. The hurricane really devastated Acapulco. According to the BBC, 45 people have been found dead so far and at least 47 others are still missing. Many residents lost a roof over their heads.


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