Hamas video hostage manipulation and tr, Israelis will run out of patience with the government

Hamas video hostage manipulation and tr, Israelis will run out of patience with the government
Hamas video hostage manipulation and tr, Israelis will run out of patience with the government

Benjamin Netanyahu, we are in jail Hamsa at 23 days, to tyiatyicetilet Dani Aloniov on video. Free us, please, and we can move to our families, free the Palestinian people. You bomb for us, do you want to kill us? he asks as two kidnapped women sit next to him.

Whether the video was actually created on Monday, or whether the radicals created it with the aim of publishing it on this day, is impossible to tell. It is not clear from the source whether the hostages are in the Hamsu tunnels or in any of the buildings in the Gaza Strip.

The terrorist Aloniova was captured together with five members of his family, including the two-year-old twins, in the Nir Oz kibbutz during the flow of the 7th of January. No one wanted to help us, no one was looking for us. You promised to set us all free. Instead, we bear the consequences of your political and military failures, Aloniov told the Israeli officials on the shores.

The release of the video caused an outcry in Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu called the attacks cruel psychological propaganda and compared Hams to the Islamic State. Long in order to get the house abducted, he promised.

According to Danny Orbach, a historian from the Hebrew University, Israelis are aware that the terrorist plays on emotions. Everyone in Israel remembers Gilad Alit, a soldier captured by Hamas in 2006 and released in 2011 by them for thousands of Palestinian lives. Now Hamas will release six thousand prisoners.

Hamas is trying to increase the demand, it wants to push the Israelis to push their government to PM and one thing to stay in power and get freed from their own bonds from Israeli prisoners, Orbach told The Washington Post (WP). The Israelis don’t blame you, because what you take hostage is the words of Hamsu. I know, except for the two people, it is clear that the abductees are under a lot of pressure, he added.

According to Ronni Shaked of the Harry S. Truman Institute in Jerusalem, the video appeared to be fake and Hamas may have shared it quickly in response to Sunday’s rescue of Israeli soldier Ori Megidishov. The movement is nothing according to Shaked. The Israelis were chained by their weapons. It’s bad for them because of the fate of the abductees, not because of the wolves, said WP.

It’s up to you to agree, Mossad veteran

The Israeli army has identified 239 hostages held in Gaza. Hamas has so far released only three of them, two Israeli women and two American-Israeli bankers. Politician Hamsa negotiated with intermediaries Egypt and Qatar for the freed hostage.

If the Israeli government is still assuring the public that in the war with Hams they can achieve two goals at the same time: to overthrow the radical ruler of Gaza and save the hostage of their relatives, they are worried whether these deaths can really happen. The killing of Hamsu requires a ground operation not to be cautious in intensity with the risk of being taken hostage by Israel, according to the AP agency.

According to him, the hostage of the family started to get angry. U neekme, said jv Monday Malki Shem-Tov, his 21-year-old son Omer is dren in Gaza. We want them all back with us today. We want them to imagine in the government that these are their children, he said.

The Israeli army has not yet described what the rescue mission might look like. However, according to Mossad veteran David Meidan, who succumbed to the opinion of the elite, the deal to free the Israeli hostage will close quickly.

Hamas wants an agreement on the release of captured children, women and the elderly. But if we wait and wait, many of the hostages will not be naive, he told Haaretz daily. Yes, interviews with Hams are tk. But I think that even at this point it would be easy to push Hamas to agree to a humanitarian agreement to give them something in the humanitarian field. This should be the first step towards making agreements, Meidan believes.

Whereas in the case of the elite even the highest representative of Hamsa did not know where the song was, now such a scope is impossible to keep secret. Especially because there are children and elderly people there. In addition, I think that Hamas will eat a prisoner of war at this point in order to repair its image damaged by the massacre of civilians. It would be good for him to fire a group of people who are important to him at the moment, what about the image and operation, mn Meidan.

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