The German minister criticizes plans to move away from coal. Don’t hurt the climate, hard


Until it is clear whether energy is accessible and affordable for everyone, we should not dream about the end of coal in 2030, Christian Lindner told the Klner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper. If the energy is slow, Nmci will have to pay a high price, he added for the Zeit server.

The German government is calling for a full transition away from coal by 2038 at the latest, but in an ideal case it would be able to do so by 2030. In accordance with this, Germany is applying for the status of a climate-neutral economy, which it would achieve by 2045.

It has been almost a year since the German government approved a law that ended the operation of coal-fired power plants in North Rhine-Westphalia by 2030. The remaining coal-fired power plants in the country are not closing yet, but they should all be closed by 2038 at the latest. Minister Lindner, however, does not find these payments optimal.

For the climate, such a date is the same as it. Regarding carbon dioxide emissions in Germany, due to the set European rules, these can increase in Poland, Christian Lindner specified in the interview. He added that the production of natural gas there should be intensified, or the new gas power plants should play a reserve role in the newly built energy mix.

The German Minister of Finance in every case says that Robert Habeck, as Minister for the Economy, deals with the subject of high energy prices. However, subsidies will not ensure the competitiveness of economies, concluded Christian Lindner.

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