Remember the wrecked Countach in The Wolf of Wall Street? It’s for sale, it won’t be cheap


The Lamborghini Countach is unique in itself. How about one that was part of one of the greatest scenes in cinema history.

It will be 10 years since The Wolf of Wall Street was released. Director Martin Scorsese, rising star Margot Robbie, the perfect Matthew McConaughey in the supporting role, and Leonardo DiCaprio with Jonah Hill cast in the lead roles make this movie one of the best Hollywood has ever offered.

Not only car fans will remember the amazing scene where Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, enhanced by drugs and alcohol, crawls to his car, which is a Lamborghini Countach. In the end, he manages to get into it, but as expected, under the influence of narcotics, his Countach was unpleasantly brushed.

But now let’s go to the aforementioned car, which has become part of cinematographic history. The Lamborghini Countach Hero Car is from 1989 and one of 658 models produced in the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Countach.

The car was used in real-life scenes that included crashing into other cars, mailboxes or roadside signs. As these impacts did not cause much visible damage, Martin Scorsese ordered the car to be further demolished outside the scene. The car has remained in the same condition since filming.

Feel like you’ve recently seen an undamaged Lamborghini Countach from the same movie for sale? Then you’re right, because the film crew had a so-called Backup Car at their disposal. It differed from the Hero Car, for example, in the absence of a rear wing and also in the fact that it remained undamaged. He appeared in the film for 16 seconds.

The car will be sold on November 25 through auction house Bonhams in Dubai. Its price is estimated at up to 2 million dollars, which translates to almost 47 million crowns. In addition, buyers will receive a director’s chair and clapperboard signed by Scorsese, Robbie and DiCaprio, two original sweatshirts and two DVDs of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Since this model is unlikely to be repaired and used for road use, we expect it to find a home with a movie enthusiast rather than a car enthusiast.

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